Thursday, 17 February 2011

The church used for Leanne and Peter's wedding blessing

If you're wondering which church was used for the Coronation Street filming of Leanne and Peter's wedding blessing, then here's everything you need to know. 

The church used was St Mary’s Church in Prestwich.

The church has been seen on Corrie before as it was used as the location for Peter Barlow’s bigamous marriage to Shelley, and Jason Grimshaw’s and Sarah-Louise Platt’s doomed nuptials, plus it was the place where Fred Elliot would have married fiancee Bev, were he not dying in the arms of Audrey at the time.

The church was also used for the funerals of Mike Baldwin and Liam Connor, as well as the place where Emily Bishop nearly met her doom at the hands of a madman, and the place where Sarah-Louise’s daughter Bethany was almost killed by her own grandmother, says the MEN.

Here is the church's own website.


Coronation Street Corner said...

Who was the madman with Emily? Richard? Bernard Morten? Ed? I can't remember this storyline. I know she talked Bethany's gran from jumping? Is that what they're pointing at?
Anyone can shed a light on this please?

Mark said...

It was Ed.
It was also where Peter married Shelley, Ashley married Clare, Fred was going to marry Bev, Mike was buried, Liam was buried etc etc.

Chewy said...

It's nice they keep continuity with the locations

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