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Sunday 20 February 2011

Corrie Weekly Awards for Feb. 14 - 18

Performance of the week: Chris Gascoyne kept me riveted.

Portent of Doom award: Musical Star: Apparently the wedding music was the same that accompanied Princess Diana down the aisle. As Norris so aptly put it "That doesn't bode well, now, does it?" Little did he know!

RGI Award: Jeff thinks Sally is a (really) good idea? Romance really is dead.

That's you all told award: Gold Star: What a telling off Peter gave them all! Boy was it ever! And then he give Nick holy old Hell in the Joinery too!
Silver Star: And didn't Janice take a good sized strip off Nick!

Rubbing salt in the wound award: Gold Star: Even backed into a corner, Nick still couldn't resist rubbing Peter's nose in half truths and handed him the bottle. Swine!!!!

Big sister award: Gold Star: Sunita is always so nice to Sophie.

Fashion Accessory award: Steve's backside teddy bear! And I loved Leanne's red hat!

Lines of the week:
Peter "Of all the bars in all the world...."
Peter to Gutless Tilsley "I'm ashamed for letting a gutless nobody like you get the better of me"
Tracy to Nick "Here he is, the best man. Who are the other candidates? Eddie Windass and Hitler?" Nick "I'm sure you've got some kittens to drown."
Sean to Sally "Romance is wasted on some people. Swoon, woman, swoon!"
Janice to Leanne "You're gonna remember this day for the rest of your life" (*koff*)
Norris (gleefully) "You've got to hand it to the Barlows... the value for money at a wedding..."
Nick "Warm hands are great but they'll never build an empire" (from a man who was willing to walk away from Weatherfield and his "empire")
Ken to Peter "Yeah, well she was lucky to find a saint when she stumbled upon you!" (Ken 1 Peter 0)


Frosty the Snowman said...

Most mismatched square up to a fight with a midget award: Kev laughably coming up to Jeff’s chin ha ha

Most quick turnaround award: Peter after planning the vitriol at the blessing, not listening to anyone, being hateful to everyone, adamant that he is finished with Leanne “suddenly” has a road to Damascus moment and hobbles after her after all.

Most expensive unused ticket award: It costs £70 for a one way ticket from Manchester to London. A lot of money to lose when you decide not to board the train after all.

Little brat award: Simon being nasty to Leanne, that child is so creepy.

Really Could not care less award: Who cares that the whining unattractive Sophie has quit college and slobs around in her PJs pouring hot chocolate down her neck – yawn.

Oh no he is back again award: Dev who was pleasantly conspicuous by his absence is back along with dumbo Sunita, pointless the pair of em.

Most packed out backstreet pub at 4.00 on a Friday afternoon in the credit crunch award: The Rovers

Deluded again award: Audrey thinking Mark doesn’t fancy Claudia because he fancies her.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to opinions about the show, but yours, Frosty The Snowman, are always extremely negative. Why do you watch the show if you don't like everything about it?

colleen said...

I agree with anonymous,why bother watching if you are just going to tear it apart.Could you write better?

Anonymous said...

Jane Danson has carried this storyline from the beginning. They could have given her better lines though...not such a dishrag begging Peter for a bit of affection and him ragging on her all the time pissing and moaning all over the place.She was quite the feisty young thing not that long ago when she was banging BOTH Jamie and his father, and was built like a brick shithouse. I'm glad this storyline is over though...waaayyyy too long.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone points out critical flaws in the show doesn't mean that the person didn't enjoy other parts of the show. There are plenty of comments and posts that have the positive sides but the blogs are more interesting if there are critical/negative posts as well. I've learned a lot from Frosty's posts because he makes me think a bit more about the episodes. Yes, I do think there is something a bit strange about Simon -- the way he looks and the way he talks for a small kid. And I do agree that Peter's "turnaround" was a tad too quick after the trouble and expense/effort he took to publicly flog Leanne as well as threaten murder against Nick the stick. It would have been more believable and equally romantic if Leanne were to escape to London to try to put this debacle behind her...and then have Peter come after her... probably still with crutches...

Aimee said...

I love Frosty's curmudgeonly comments. Sometimes I agree with them and sometimes they make me laugh. But I still love Corrie and I think deep down Frosty does too. It's fun to read different perspectives. It brings me down to earth too because I tend to forget Corrie isn't real sometimes. haha

Frosty the Snowman said...

Oops forgot one:

Best sports injury physio award: Nick gets an iron bar to the leg and the next day is out jogging!

Anonymous said...

OK- so the £69 fare was accurate but why oh why was she going from Manchester Victoria, this really bugged me. Maybe it was so we could see Peter on the stairs who knows?

The London trains go from Manchester Piccadilly and are long shiny red pendalinos NOT a small northern rail/trans pennine service. I know this is a small issue but I found myself shouting at the TV.

Dolly Tubb said...

Anonymous - I said elsewhere on this blog, Victoria, yes, technically it's wrong - surprised Frosty didn't pick up on that one - but don't you think it's way more atmospheric and made it all seem a bit like a scene from Brief Encounter? I was just waiting for the toot of a whistle and the steam to clear to reveal Peter and Leanne spotting each other across a crowded platform. Sigh.

Guess that would be stretching credibility a bit too far though!

Beth said...

Was thrilled to little pieces that Peter and Leanne got back together again. Now Leanne when she see's Nick next really needs to screem GET LOST in his face. I could never understand this. She always used to say it so quiet as a mouse, even up to the last!

Who else's heart sank when Becky returned on Friday? I had never realised I disliked her, before then, until she got out of that taxi and I just groaned.... and thought , there will be more about little Maxi, fights for our Amy, bitchings with Tracy, wanting more from Steve 'babes' and she seems to become more and more over the top and annoying..... phhhh, it's all a bit tiring after a while isn't it?! Or is it me?! It was a nice relief without her.

Kate said...

Beth - it's not just you!!!

prevosg said...

Peter (Chris Gascoyne) and Ken (William Roache) were brilliant in their final scenes this week. William has proved how great an actor he can be! Chris conveyed his grief and anger both in words and in excellent physical and facial expressions. Absolutely brilliant TV!

Dishwasher Crab said...

Manchester Victoria is not atmospheric or romantic - it is dirty and neglected. The trains that run from Vic are squalid wheezing rust-buckets, that struggle to get as far as Stalybridge - absolutely no chance they'd get all the way to London.

On the plus side, the staff at Vic are friendly and helpful - maybe Leanne went there because she was seeking some kindness?


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