Sunday, 6 February 2011

Coronation Street weekly awards, Jan 31 - Feb 4

What did your last slave die of? Rosie even has Jason holding her phone for her.

Rock Bottom award: Gold Star: Poor Fiz. Poorly baby, ill husband, money worries. No wonder she's tempted by Joy Fishwick's legacy.
Silver star: Peter.

Mrs. Webster's Neighbourhood award: Friendly star: I loved Sally being all trashy and brash to put off the buyers.

Bully of the week: Gold Star: Owen has turned his sights on Gary now Gary's moving in with Izzy.

Oblivious award: Gold Star: Rosie didn't recognise her baby brother and brought home the wrong child. Guess she ought to spend a bit more time with him, then.

Too much to hope for award: Gold Star: It figures Tracy would manage to stay out of jail.

Put your big boy/girl pants on and get a grip award: Gold Star: Peter needs therapy more than physio.
Silver star: It's about choice Sophie. Grow up and make one.

You Idiot award: Gold Star: Steve hiring Tracy so she won't take Amy away. (Mind you, there were a few contenders for this award.)
Lines of the week
Leanne to Nick: "You were immature, pathetic and manipulative before and you still are."
Peter: "I'm anything but ok."
Eddie: "What Claire did was wrong" Tracy: "Thank you." Eddie: "She should have put more shoulder into it, done a proper job."
Rosie: "People have been raising kids for aeons. How hard can it be?"
Sally: "I doubt this will knock my family off the front pages, unless we discover Carla's carrying Peter's baby." Leanne: "You think you're hard, don't you?" Carla: "I've had my moments"
Leanne to Peter: "You didn't fall off the wagon, you were pushed off it"

This Marc, Claudia's fella... you know, he even sounds like her and he looks like her a little bit! (Oh go on, picture him in a big red wig and eyeliner... you'll get your chance!)


Frosty the Snowman said...

I actually think Mark looks more like Audrey, same longish face and bouffy hair. Cant understand the sympathy you have with Fiz, she is a liar and a cheat and is becoming more and more annoying by the episode. How she pulled the wool over that kind old solicitors eyes. How does she know Colin isnt going to turn up, she doesnt know he is dead? All this whining is really getting on my nerves, using the excuse its "for Hope". Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

But perhaps that's the point... even good people can be corrupted by outside influences, pressures. We are seeing a woman who feels alone, cave into the worst of her fears and compromising her values via rationalization. This happens all the time. Doesn't make it right, but that's what silly humans do and thereby create many of our own problems in our lives...

Tvor said...

Yes, exactly. I think Fiz is desperate, lonely, and at the end of her emotional rope and is doing things she never would consider otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Big cheer in our house when Leanne finally realised that Nick is pure Nasty and gave him that wonderful tirade of home truths!

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