Thursday, 17 February 2011

Coronation Street cast on twitter - full list

Here's a list of the current cast of Coronation Street that we know are on twitter - and these are official accounts. 

Can you add to our list? If so, do please leave a comment below and we'll add them to the list. 

The list below shows the twitter account as a live link followed in brackets by the name of the character the actor/actress plays on Corrie.

And don't forget you can follow us on twitter too @corrie_blogger

@AndrewLancel (Frank Foster)
@antonycotton (Sean Tully)
@BrookeLVincent (Sophie Webster)
@Charliecondou (Marcus Dent)
@cheryleehouston (Izzy Armstrong)
@craigazey (Graham Proctor)
@DebbieRush1 (Anna Windass)
@fountain1987 (Tommy Duckworth)
@georgiafoote (Katy Armstrong)
@Graeme_Hawley (John Stape)
@hollyquinankrah (Cheryl)
@JackPShepherd88 (David Platt)
@jenniemcalpine (Fiz Stape)
@juliehes (Hayley Cropper)
@katherine_kelly (Becky McDonald)
@lane_paula  (Kylie Turner)
@michkeegan (Tina McIntyre)
@ryanjamesthomas (Jason Grimshaw)
@SachaLParkinson (Sian Powers)
@shobnagulati (Sunita Alahan)
@SteveHuison (Eddie Windass)


Emma said...

Richard Fleeshman (Craig whatshisface... Dozy Webster's old goth boyfriend)!/RFleeshman

Flaming Nora said...

Ah yes, there's quite a few of the old cast members on twitter too but I've just included in this list the current ones

Deborah said...

@cheryleehouston (Izzy) is the latest to join twitter

Anonymous said...

where is Norris?

Colleen said...

@daranlittle [writer]
@gillywalshy [makeup artist]

Colleen said...


Anonymous said...


Colleen said...


Colleen said...


Fat Brenda said...

Thanks Colleen! Fancy forgetting me!



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