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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ken and Deirdre's house gets makeover at Ideal Home Show

Corrie fans! Complete the show home - vote hereHere's a sneak peek at the Coronation Street house at this year's Ideal Home Show.  It's Number 1 Coronation Street and B&Q  have given it the ultimate refurbishment in a before and after transformation.

The ‘Ideal Home Refit' sponsored by B&Q, takes on a traditional two-up-two- down semi that is transformed into a modern and cost efficient home.  The ‘Before' house, No 1 Coronation Street sponsored by Harveys, is a near replica of Ken & Deirdre's home from the nation's favourite TV soap and will include a glimpse into their never seen before bedroom. A fa├žade of the nation's most famous pub, the Rovers Return will also feature in the show house.

The ‘After' home has been redesigned by Architect and TV personality George Clarke, with a little help from B&Q, to transform the old No.1 into a modern, eco home with simple adjustments that you can easily do in your own home.  George will demonstrate how simple and affordable improvements can alter not just the look and feel of the home but also unlock the potential of existing spaces if moving isn't an option. The new-look home also showcases dozens of green technologies that can help save money on your energy bills as well as the environment.

William Roache who has been playing Ken Barlow for 50 years, comments "Nobody has a solar panel in the Street, maybe it's time Ken become more eco-friendly!"

Find out how you can visit the Ideal Home Show from March 11-27 and get 2-for-1 tickets with Harveys the Furniture Store.


Anonymous said...

Remodelling/redecorating the interiors of some of the Corrie homes would be a GREAT idea! I can't fathom some of that wallpaper - and the paint job? Why can't people paint a room with one colour and not a different colour on every wall??

God, even the supposedly spiffy new places like Dev's flat and Carla's - the worst interior decorating ever!

Why?? Is everyone colour blind?

Anonymous said...

Agreed! And I recall Carla had the worst looking bedsheets! They were gold-colored or something hideous!

Blackie Bird said...

About time The Barlows got a kitchen makeover. They have the same MFI kitchen units that I had in the 80s in my previous house.

dave said...

As long as Owen isn't doing the gas pipe installation Ken, Deirdre and the rest of the street should survive the remodel unscathed. It would have been nice if the home show website had included more pictures of the remodel. Although from what I could make out from the small photo, the furnishings looked a little too modern for Ken and Deirdre's tastes. Hope someone who reads this site in nice enough to post photos if they go to the show. It would be great to see a new No.1.

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