Friday, 25 February 2011

Buy a Corrie portrait by Steve Huison

You may remember that Steve Huison's Corrie portraits were auctioned off for charity recently and it was a great success.

Well now you can buy limited edition prints of those portraits, also for charity, for £50 or the entire set for £900. Each print will be signed by Mr. Huison and numbered. You can see the details of how to purchase one or more print here. Punters outside the U.K. can purchase prints as long as you can pay by Paypal.

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Billy Niblick said...

These are quite superb portraits.

Steve Huison is my new favourite person. He is clearly phenomenally talented in numerous ways, I just love his portrayal of Eddie Windass, and when I began following him on Twitter he emailed me right away to say thanks and reciprocated immediately by followng my Twitter feed.

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