Friday, 11 February 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Corrie fan's car is new Streetcars cab

BLOG EXCLUSIVE! With thanks to @cheekie on twitter for the Streetcars screengrab.

Coronation Street fan Brenda emailed me the other day to say they were sitting watching Corrie and spotted their old car on screen as the new Streetcars cab! 

Brenda told the Coronation Street Blog: "We reluctantly sold our beloved estate car end of last year to a dealer as both my husband and I had been made redundant and we had to make economy cuts.
When we saw the car on the telly; we just looked at each other, then said “that’s our car – isn’t it?” We had to go on-line to replay the episode so as to check it really was our car. We never thought we would ever see it again, then – there it was. It looks good though, they must have given it a good polish. It made our day!"

The picture above shows the car when it belonged to Brenda in a photo taken on holiday high in the Southern French Alps.  The Mazda 6 has travelled to loads of interesting places around Europe including high mountain passes, cities, beaches, the Tour de France etc.

Brenda says: "We greatly enjoyed owning the car for many years and were very sad to see it go the other month. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to see where it would eventually end up... Hope the Coronation Street stars enjoy our old pride and joy. Always knew it was a bit of an adventurer; it deserves the fame!"


Sea Penguin said...

Nice story!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, lovely story! Anyone help with my query? Curious; in the UK do license plates stay with the vehicle for it's entire life-use? I live in Canada, and license plates don't transfer with the vehicle when you sell it. In the two photos, the license plate is the same. Thanks.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Don't know about the UK but they stay with the car in NZ

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