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Monday, 6 January 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 6th January

Evelyn is a woman after my own heart in terms of no-frills Yorkshire bluntness. "It's after Christmas, when are you leaving?" she says not unreasonably to Janky Jade. Not until the storyline is over, Eve! The slimy Stape goes off to Dr G to talk about Hope's "injuries". Look, Jade, the NHS is in crisis, go to Weatherfield's social services to spin your revenge plan, there are people waiting 3 weeks for a GP appointment! Social Services are as equally speedy, turning up the same afternoon, rather than a month later. They visit Hope at school and later tell Fiz and Tyrone that Hope has confirmed the allegations and she and Ruby will have to be removed from the home. Evelyn marches to the medical centre and demands to see Hope's medical records, with the brilliant Maureen Lipman going from farcical: "Dr Gaddarse! Gadarse!" to moving: "They've taken her away, Roy, they told a pack of lies and took her away" in a few seconds. Kev offers to take in the girls (is he a registered foster carer??). - I suppose it's payback for all those weeks that Tyrone looked after Jack before finding our that he wasn't his son.

A fully glammed up Amy (I think Michelle must have left some eyeliner behind) arrives at the solicitors and demands a: "Fully paid internship, since you pretty much broke up my family." Posh Paula has dealt with recalcitrant tearaway teens before and tells her no. Maybe Tracy or Steve should have tried this some time ago. Amy doesn't take no for an answer, not from Paula anyway, and requests that her mum pay her the minimum wage (under 18 rate, she's not greedy) otherwise she'll tell Steve about her one night stand.


Meanwhile, Tara from Freshco's turns up to talk branding with Ches, Gemma and the quads. She wants photos of the babies in a more aspirational setting (a villa in Oakhill). Gemma is against the idea until she isn't, although worries about Ches taking more time off from the kebab shop. Is Dev paying both paternity and maternity leave? Seems highly unlikely.

Talking of babies, it's time for Bertie's jabs and since Dr G has already been paid for this episode, she administers them rather than the nurse. Bertie starts yelling (or rather, there's a crying soundtrack as the RADA trained baby actor is as good as gold) and Daniel, distressed, takes him out without completing the injections. I was worried this was going to turn into an anti-vaxxer storyline, but it's part of the Bethany/Daniel storyline as she reassures him he's a great dad and he promises to take Bertie back for his inoculations.

David, with his usual sense of proportion, locks himself in Shona's room because he doesn't want the extubation and possible demise of Shona. Look, Dave, she's going to wake up in 9 months. You know that, we know that, Julia Goulding knows that. He changes his mind and even says Rev Billy (and Eileen) can come visit. Anyway, the docs take the tubes out and eventually Shona breathes by herself. It's a new year miracle!

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coconno196 said...

Unless things have changed a lot, work experience is usually arranged by the school for half a term in years 10 and 12. Amy is nearly 16, so she is in GCSE year 11. She is unlikely to get her school's permission for a private work experience placement, nor would she be paid because Paula is actually giving her free legal training!

Louby said...

True coconno196 but when did facts ever get in the way of a good plot device!

I loved the scene with Roy and Evelyn after the surgery incident. His little attempt at a joke and her retort that he chose a bad time to get a sense of humour.


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