Monday, 6 January 2020

Preview of tonight's hour-long Coronation Street - Mon 6 Jan


JADE DOBBS FIZ IN Despite Fiz’s protestations, Evelyn suggests to Jade it’s time she moved out. Jade
agrees to start flat hunting. At No.9, Fiz, Tyrone and Evelyn are  interrupted by a visit from a social care provider, Christine, who reveals that various doctors have raised concerns regarding Hope’s injuries. The social worker quizzes Fiz, Tyrone and Evelyn about Hope’s injuries, pointing out that their version of events doesn’t match that of Hope’s. The social workers call at Bessie Street and when they return to No.9, they break the news that Hope confirmed the allegations and both she and Ruby will have to live somewhere else while they conduct their investigation. Kevin offers to have the girls stay at his house. 
DAVID SWITCHES POSITION Nick gently suggests to David he should allow Shona’s friends to visit her as it could be the last time they see her. David refuses to let the doctors remove her breathing tube and orders Nick to ask Shona’s friends to come in and see her. Meanwhile Billy, Eileen, Roy, Audrey, Sarah and Gail visit Shona. The consultant removes Shona’s breathing tube, will she defy the odds or is Dvid about the face the ultimate heartbreak? 
DANIEL IS NOT IMMUNE TO BERTIE’S CRIES Daniel takes Bertie for his jabs, but after the first jab, Bertie screams the place down. Daniel refuses to let Dr Gaddas administer the rest and hurries out, upset. Bethany calls at Daniel’s flat and Daniel explains how distressed Bertie was after only one jab and he couldn’t bear to put him through further pain.  Bethany assures him Bertie is fine. Peter makes Daniel promise to take Bertie back for his other jabs.

ELSEWHERE Amy starts her work experience with Paula and demands she pay her a wage Amy tells Tracy that as Paula has refused to pay her, she’ll have to pay her instead and she wants the minimum wage When Tara from Freshco suggests they do their next photo shoot at a different location, Gemma tells her they’ll do it at home or not at all. Realising that they need the money, Gemma tells Tara they’ve changed their minds and they’ll do the photo shoot as she suggested.

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