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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Jack P Shepherd interview: Shona wakes from coma

David’s been through a lot since Shona’s shooting, where is he at now emotionally?
He’s been through so much, there’s a lot of anger and frustration, then there are moments when he does lose it and breakdown. But despite all that David is still determined to stick by Shona’s side no matter what and is positive that she will make a full recovery.

In the midst of everything he had Josh’s trial to contend with, how does David feel following news of Josh’s conviction?
When he gets the news that Josh has got 15 years he’s numb to it really. It doesn't mean anything to David because he can’t share the news with Shona, she’s his priority so he brushes it off for now. All he can focus on is Shona and when she wakes up. 

So how does David feel when he’s at Shona’s bedside and suddenly her eyes flicker?  
He’s very excited at the thought of her waking up, he calls a doctor but they dumb it down in a way and say that’s normal, it can a muscle movement and doesn’t necesarrily mean she’s waking up. But David won’t listen, he’s convinced the doctors don’t know what they’re talking about, she is going to wake up and be fine, and then she does come round from the coma but it quickly becomes apparent all is not fine.

Does David think she’s going to open her eyes, wrap her arms around him and everything’s going to be fine?
Yes exactly that, he envisages she’s going to open her eyes and wrap her arms round him but that’s not the case at all, she opens her eyes and doesn't know who he is. After weeks of waiting by her bedside, imagining this moment, he’s gutted, she doesn't even know who she is nevermind him.

What does David do to try and help Shona recover her memory?
He tries to trigger her memory but there’s nothing and she’s not saying anything either which is awful. David attempts to take the kids in, the rest of the Platt family don’t think it’s a good idea because they’re worried about what affect it could have on the kids if she isn’t her usual self, and she isn’t. At first it looks as though she remembers Max because she’s smiling but then she says Clayton, which is obviously the worst thing you could say to a person when they murdered your mum. Max runs out, it’s like a slap in the face for him. David then tries to jog her memory further by showing her their wedding album in the hope that physical pictures of her seeing herself with David getting married will work. I mean they only got married 6 weeks ago, she has to remember that but when he shows her the pictures she freaks out. She wants David away from her and she says she doesn’t want to see him anymore.

How does David feel when it becomes clear Shona doesn’t remember him? 
It really upsets him, he can’t understand how this can have happened when they only got married a few weeks ago, how can you forget that? The doctors start to say they’ve done all they can for Shona at this point and she needs more specialist help. David’s adamant he’ll be there every step of the way, he’s not giving up on her.

Also this week Fiz apologises to David for bringing the gun onto the street, does he unleash a bit of his anger on her?
He does and he doesn’t, his concerns are more with Shona but when Fiz does approach him he reminds her where he’s just been and that Shona may not make a full recovery and that’s down to what she did.

Are you enjoying playing out this storyline?
Yeah it’s really good and something very different to play. David’s been through so much this year, he’s living on the edge right now and David on the edge is capable of anything, I’m really looking forward to it.

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Gale said...

I don’t understand why David always has to have a miserable time. Wife dying in his arm, getting conned by his brother and taking the fall, almost being drowned by a psychopath and now this.

We have already had one suicide, stop pushing David towards it.

dhvinyl said...

They had to come up with something to explain the actress’s six-month departure on maternity leave, but as always with Street writers, they have gone ludicrously over the top. The mix of the reality of actors’ personal lives and their impact on their fictional characters is a permanent problem, but Corrie always seems to overcook the plot lines.

Abercrombie said...

I believe the storyline with Shona being shot in the stomach was highly insensitive bearing in mind the actress was heavily pregnant. The actors are not immune to impact on their personal lives and I found myself sickened by the whole shoot out with Shona in a box. In the worst possible taste in the personal circumstances.

dhvinyl said...

Apart from the wit of a growing number of our "reviewers" they have the extra benefit of helping my decision whether to bother watching or not. I never watch Corrie live, so knowing in advance the scenes that contribute nothing or are purely;y distasteful, brings the x30 speed button into its own.
Abercrombie's comment re. Shona raises a quite different problem I have with Street actors. With the obvious exceptions, it takes me forever to learn, never mind remember, their real names. Whoever plays Shona stands out as a naturally talented actor, as is Abi. Both should benefit from the cobbles to take them op better and more challenging roles.


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