Saturday, 4 January 2020

Conversation Street Podcast Episode 398

On our first podcast of 2020, we chat about the episodes of Corrie shown in the UK between the 30th December and the 3rd January.

This week, whilst the Rovers' New Year celebrations may be a bit of a damp squib, Tracy and Paula certainly start theirs with a bang. Meanwhile, Shona's life hangs in the balance, Maria proves for the umpteenth time she's a terrible judge of character, and Kevin just can't help overhearing conversations that aren't intended for his ears.

Next up on the podcast, we have the first installment of a three-part feature looking back on the past decade of Corrie, this week focusing on the years 2010-2012. From explosive events like the tram crash and the Underworld siege to new characters like Kylie Platt and the Prices, we chat about the highs and the lows at the start of the decade.

In The Kabin, we take a look at which Corrie characters appeared in the most episodes of 2019 - and there are certainly a few surprises! - and we finish things off with some listeners' thoughts on Corrie's big Christmas week.

Street Talk - 00:16:52
Feature Discussion - A Decade In Review Part 1: 2010-2012 - 02:24:25
The Kabin - 03:15:52
Feedback - 03:34:47

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