Monday, 4 November 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 4 Nov


ALI POURS HIS HEART OUT TO MARIA As Emma recovers in hospital Steve reports Ali to Dr Gaddas.  An upset Ali meets Maria in Victoria gardens and admits he shouldn’t have dumped her and is jealous of Gary, unaware of an intrigued Adam watching them, Maria comforts a desolate Ali. Adam tells Gary who is furious at what he sees.
NICK KNOWS HE HAS TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT Shona is shocked to discover Gail has taken it upon herself to cancel the wedding and insists David will be out in time. Meanwhile Nick resolves to try and speak to Josh to get him to change his mind.
CARLA USES HER INITIATIVE When a delivery of beard oil ingredients arrive for Sinead, Carla decides she is going to try and keep the business going for Daniel and looks for Sinead’s recipe.
ELSEWHERE Brian is not impressed with Abi’s plans to go on a date with Kevin the night before her maths GCSE


GARY SETS HIS SIGHTS ON ALI Gary forgives Maria for her liaison with Ali but meets up with the private detective and asks him to find out what he can about Dr Ali.
NICK TAKES A RISK TO HELP DAVID Nick tells Imran that he is going to visit Josh at the hospital by pretending to be his solicitor but his plans are thwarted when Billy spots him and asks him what he is doing. Back at home Leanne thinks Billy might be the answer to their prayers if he can speak to Josh. Will he agree?
CARLA’S UP TO HER EYES IN OIL Beth is furious when she finds Carla preparing beard oil but will she change her mind when Carla explains al the profit is going to Bertie’s future.
ELSEWHERE Steve asks Emma to come and stay with him and Amy whilst she recovers. Sally is unimpressed to find Abi drunk with Kevin instead of revising.

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