Monday, 2 September 2019

Sue Cleaver interview: Does Eileen have a future on Corrie?

Sue Cleaver, who plays Eileen Grimshaw on Coronation Street, has been chatting about the future of her character on the show.

In an interview with Radio Times, Sue says this about Eileen's future in Weatherfield.

“She still feels as though some people blame her for what her killer ex Pat Phelan did. Both her sons have flown the nest, she has her friends but she wants a proper partner, someone who will look after her and make her feel special. Jan could be that person.

“Eileen is aware Jan has got caught up in a dangerous situation but it is so far removed form her every day life that she can’t really appreciate how much of a murky world it is, or how high the stakes are.”

Radio Times says that Corrie aren’t confirming whether Sue Cleaver is actually departing the cast after almost 20 years, but the star herself thinks this is yet another dodgy decision for the eternally unlucky character.

“I would advise Eileen to stay away from someone so obviously dangerous,” she said. “I don’t think there’s any doubt Jan cares about her but she should focus on the fact she has great friends and a good job, and maybe just for a quieter life.”

Well, as Eileen is going to get a new lodger at No. 11 Coronation Street, I wonder if this means she will be staying on?

Find out who the new lodger is.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

This is absolutely not a comment on Sue Cleaver but Eileen has had her day. Jason leaving was fine but Todd going too (although it wasn't planned) has left Eileen adrift. Some characters work fine, with or without a romantic partner, but they usually have a sparring partner. Eileen is now on her own. She was good with Steve/Tim/Lloyd in the cab office, especially when they talked rubbish to kill time. That teamwork has gone. The writers either need to give her somebody to regular interact with, bring her in only occasionally or let Eileen leave to live with Jan/Todd/Jason.

MartesBC said...

If Mary lives with Eileen, well then that could be interesting. Eileen must also think that her late ex Tony was a murderer too, right? Wasn't Caleb's death and burial in the Platt floorboards pinned on him?
Honestly, with her experiences why she would be looking for stability through a romantic relationship is beyond me! it's not like she is a glass half full person and believes in romance! :) So, yes Mary and Eileen could be a fun combo to watch as two women roomates with Liz popping by a lot.

Flash Gordon said...

Apart from Gemma Winter and her awful family, Eileen is my most detested character. If all those would leave, I might start watching again.

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