Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Gary gets a new girlfriend - but who will she be?

There's a teaser of a storyline for Gary Windass in this week's fab Inside Soap magazine.  The magazine has a few quotes from Mikey North, who plays Gary, and they reveal that Gary is going to get a new girlfriend, who is a current, regular character.
"It's Rita!" jokes Mikey. "No, not reall. Althuogh a new romance could be the thing that sparks Gary back to normality. At the minute, apart from his kids, Gary doesn't have a lot else to live for. He has all this money and the Underworld business going on, but he doesn't have his ex, Sarah, who I think was the one for him. So we'll have to wait and see.
"I've known about it since Christmas," he says, speaking of Gary's new girlfriend. Crikey, they plan far ahead on the show, don't they? "It's been planned for ages and all ties in with Gary's next big storyline."
I wonder who it'll be?

Glenda Young
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Louby said...

Intriguing! My first thought was who's single?, but they don't necessarily need to be do they?!

Alya again? Toyah? Rosie when she returns?

Anonymous said...

A few months ago I thought it was hinted that Bethany and Gary would end up together, especially when she was singing his praises to her mum. I know Bethany is leaving, but maybe her exit storyline involves her discovering Gary's guilt in the factory roof collapse?

Taffy said...

I hope it's not Emma. She has been through enough.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I wonder if it could be Abi. Although she and Kev were supposed to be matched up, nothing seems to be happening on that score. It could be quite interesting with the history between Gary and Seb.

Anonymous said...

Gary and Faye - would that be too wrong?

Anonymous said...

I neither know nor care.

Jean dignard said...

What happened to Gary’s girlfriend & their baby.. she returned briefly & disappeared shortly after.
Did I miss something.? Less characters & better scripts. Quality is better than quantity.
Jean D.
Montreal Quebec

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