Thursday, 5 September 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 4th Sept 7.30pm

Eileen's sudden departure does seem slightly rushed, though entirely true, to her long-standing character trait of utter devotion to doomed love. With Mary moving into her spare room, Eileen tells Steve, Tim, and Dev, that she needs a few weeks off. Uncharacteristically emotional, Tim takes note and later tells Sean about Eileen's planned 'holiday' and 'weird' behaviour.

Sean (who was homeless a year ago, I thought he'd forgot) is not only irate at Eileen not asking him to move in, but also has taken umbrage at Jan. Is Eileen really leaving for good?
Sean may also want to have a word with Yasmeen whilst he's at it, she's got back with Geoff, and is infuriating clueless to his weirdness, too.

Realising that Eileen is about to go 'underground' with Jan, Sean races to her house, only to find that she's gone out, so heads to the hospital instead. Suddenly at Jan's bedside, (having bypassed the ARMED guard), Sean is giving him earache now too, about the doomed witness protection programme and the dangers of Amsterdam ( slightly safer than Weatherfield, I imagine).
If I'd have had my way, it would have been Eileen's ACTUAL best friend Steve who would have played this concerned BFF role tonight, but he's otherwise occupied trying to please his new daughter, Emma.

Telling Amy about Steve's misconstrued view of James, Emma admits that she still has her Dad's ashes to scatter at the football ground, and nobody to help her with the cause.

Collaring Steve, Amy gives her Dad some much-needed advice and he ropes the Bailey boys into getting him access to the football ground.

However, although James is a star player, his security pass doesn't work, and the group are approached by an overzealous security guard! Will this be a 'comedy' scene, bearing in mind Emma is racked with grief? I hope not.

Back on the street, Sinead needs Daniel's help looking after baby Bertie, as she's busy with her beard oil venture (Weatherfield must be full of hipsters)!

Daniel manages to get a Bistro shift covered by Bethany, but with the wedding vastly approaching, they've not sorted witnesses out, and Sinead is getting stressed.

Also needing childcare, Fiz has decided to home school Hope, in hope of curbing anymore demonic behaviour! Even though Hope caused the fire drama (saved by Dr Ali's James Bond/Milk Tray man heroics), which I enjoyed,  I still can't say I'm that bothered.

What I am bothered about though, is Eileen. Is she leaving for good?

I've not seen any press info on this, so I'm slightly panicked - she's Corrie royalty (in our house)!

Let's find out more in my 8.30 episode review - which follows this one.

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