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Thursday 21 March 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 20th March 7.30pm

Welcome to this week's explosive edition of the Coronation Street blog!

The fallout from the factory roof collapse is obviously central to tonight's drama and of course the wedding of  Kate and Rana. But before that, we have the immediate aftermath of the street's latest disaster.

Has one of the knicker factory girls stitched their very last?

As the episode begins, we approach an eerily silent Underworld. With Gina's screams fading into the distance, we see Sally unconscious on the floor with dust and masonry displaced all around.

A blast sound ricochets around the cobbles and the residents are soon out of their houses. 

Meanwhile, at the posh hotel, Kate nervously awaits for Rana to arrive and begins to panic. The wedding guests are oblivious to events unfolding back on the street.

Waking from the roof collapse, it seems Paul, Gemma, Sean, Kirk, and Emma (phew!), are uninjured. Kirk, however, has his legs trapped under debris which is continuing to fall. Comedicaly, still munching his mini-cheddars, Kirk notices that a live cable has fallen from the roof, it's evident that an electrical explosion is a real possibility.

Meanwhile, the street's alpha males; Tim, Tyrone and Gary (alongside Abi) are quickly inside the factory. Turning the power off, Abi seems to have averted any explosion, and briefly avoids falling debris herself (you had me worried there, Corrie!) before escaping the scene.

Coming out of the factory, the staff appear to be safe (including a previously missing Izzy) with Kirk relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, Sally still lies amongst the rubble.

Back at the wedding venue, Rana still hasn't arrived. Sure that she wasn't at the factory, Imran calls Kate to tell her about the accident and to let her know that Rana should be safe. Leaving her fiancee a voicemail, Rana gives a Kate a quick call back; just to let her know that she's trapped under a precariously placed steel beam (and an office door) inside Underworld.

Pulled safely from the wreckage, Sally is immediately taken to the hospital. Tim is furious at Gina for leading her to the roof, whilst an upset Abi is consoled by Seb. Meanwhile, still trapped (and seemingly unbeknown to emergency services) Rana desperately tries to keep in phone contact with Kate. Losing signal, Rana literally prays for mercy.  Heading back to the factory in a taxi, Kate, Jenny, and Johnny alert emergency services to Rana's whereabouts.

Inside the factory, Rana is located by the rescue team, but before the firemen can reach her, Underworld collapses to the ground with Rana still inside! The residents recoil in horror as a helpless Kate can do nothing but observe the factory imploding.

Is this the end of Underworld?

Is this the end of Kate and Rana?

Join me back here in a bit for the review of the 8.30pm episode.

Explosive or what? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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