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Friday 29 March 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 29 March

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your review of tonight’s hour-long Friday episode.

Seb has some good news for a change, hurrah! He’s got a job on a new building site in Prestwich. Unfortunately for him it’s the same site where Gary and his two Polish builder mates have also just been taken on. In the Rovers sourpuss Seb glowers and fumes that he can’t work in the same place as Gary.

Elsewhere Rana’s loved ones are finding their own ways to grieve. Kate, Alya and Yasmeen are planning a memorial service to celebrate her life. Imran, on the other hand, is opting for the looking moody, trashing his flat and shouting accusations at anyone who crosses his path route. He probes Beth, threatens Wayne, accuses Nick of looking shifty (fair point), and then tells Michelle and Johnny that Carla has done a runner because she’s guilty. He also angrily rejects Toyah’s counselling, telling her he’s fed up with her wandering around like Kofi Annan. How dare he? There’s no way the former UN Secretary General would be able to rock a high-neck Victoriana blouse as well as Miss Battersby can.

In the caf√© Gina is moaning to Kev about having to leave Weatherfield. He tells her that Sally will come round, but when he goes to see Tim in the cab office to plead Gina’s case, and remind him that he still hasn’t paid his bill at Websters Auto, it doesn’t go down well. Stressed and overworked, Tim loses his rag. Calm down dear you’ll give yourself a heart-at…*oops spoiler alert*.

Baby Bertie is home and Ken has decorated the flat with bunting. Both new parents are wondering how they will cope, with Sinead panicking that she needs to watch him all the time and Daniel worrying that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Ken reassures him that no parent does. And he should know.

Over at No. 4 Wayne has called in to ask Sally some questions about the roof collapse. Tim gets irate again, accusing him of intimidating his wife. But Wayne calmly assures them that he is just trying to get to the bottom of the accident and that there is absolutely no way that Sally is to blame. I like Wayne, can we keep him?

Over at the Bistro Robert catches Ryan spying on him for Michelle and immediately sacks him. He then tells Billy he will take on one of the ex-offenders the following day.

Back on the Street as Sarah and Gary celebrate his new-found employment, they find that someone has vandalised Gary’s van and stolen all his tools, making it impossible for him to work at the new site. Sarah is convinced it’s Seb. She storms around to Eileen’s to accuse him, but Captain Sulk has an alibi. He was over at the Prestwich site turning down the job so that he wouldn’t have to work with Gary. On hearing this Eileen tells him he’s made a mistake because, and I quote: ‘Jobs are scarce round here’. I actually laughed out loud at this. Has Eileen ever looked out of her front door? Weatherfield is the only town in the country with near full employment. Unless you count Ryan, but it seems to unfair to let him skew the figures, since if he was any thicker you’d have to water him twice a day.

Over at the builder’s yard it transpires that Gary knows full well who’s taken his tools. It’s loan shark Rick Neelan. Apparently, Gary borrowed £15,000 from him but has missed the last three payments. What the? When did this happen? If Gary had £15k sloshing around in his back pocket could he not have used some of it down Furniture Village getting a mattress for him and Sarah to sleep on? Anyway, because of ‘late payment fees’ Reprehensible Rick is now demanding £20,000 and gives Gary until six o'clock tomorrow to pay up, before threatening violence to both him and Sarah. Let’s hope for both their sake's that Peter hurries up with his hush money!

That’s all from me, let me know what you think of this weeks episode in the comments section.

Kosmo will be back next week and I'll see you back here in a fortnight. Missing you already...


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popcorn said...

How many times does Gina have to threaten to leave before she actually leaves? There are those who would like to know.

dhvinyl said...

Brilliantly written as always! I’m loving Wayne who has to be actual son Roy never knew he had. Oh, and in your lives have you or has anyone ever said ‘we need to talk’ and ‘he/she’ll come round’?

Two weeks is too long...we need you weekly, at least. We need to talk!!!!

Abercrombie said...

Actually yes,re "we need to talk". The trouble making daughter of my partner. It meant: "I want to castigate you because I am angry and jealous and you are going to listen"!

Abercrombie said...

Great review, Kelly. I agree about Wayne. He is normal, keep him that way!

JennyMac said...

Smashing review Kelly, well written. I too really like Wayne, hope he sticks around, he is great for Roy, one of the best actors on television.
No idea where Rick Neelan (Phelan) camr from, when did I miss this?

Pat said...

I really have trouble understanding what Gary says, he speaks so quickly and unclearly. I had to resort to subtitles for this episode.

dhvinyl said...

I wouldn’t bother, Pat. He largely just shakes his head a looks blankly into the middle distance like a rabbit in the headlights! Bad writing or bad acting? I know what I think

Louby said...

Great description David! I used to like Gary but he's become so dull. I found myself rooting for Rick.

I agree, please keep Wayne nice!

coconno196 said...

Why in earth would Daniel pay for a taxi to bring baby Bertie and all his stuff home, when Ken has a car? Surely not so that Ken could put up bunting?! Which is totally out of character anyway.

dhvinyl said...

Which prompts me to ask again....where are all these cars parked? You never see them in the Street, even though there are no yellow lines, so there must be garages (though we only know Rita’s and can’t guess what’s in there!) Gail/David’s was converted into an extra bedroom...which reminds me, is that body still buried under the bed? Too many questions, no answers. Wouldn’t find that in The Archers, where all questions are answered, though Helen Archer still moonlighting as the flirt formerly from the Coronation Street surgery is a bit creepy!!

Anonymous said...

David : Callum's body isn't under the bed anymore. I think Tyrone crashed into the garage (possibly on the night that Carla tried to run Tracy over but accidentally hit Cathy?) and his body was discovered as they were clearing the wreckage. Jason's dead father Tony got the blame, as he was known to have a grudge against Callum and was working on the garage conversion at the time.

dhvinyl said...

Many thanks, anon. Somehow that passed me by.

perkysmom said...

Love the comment about employment on Coronation Street. Someone loses a job, goes to the Rovers, and within 5 minutes, is offered another one. Amazing!


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