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Friday 29 March 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 27th March 8.30pm

At the Rovers, a distraught Kate is consoled by her family; swiftly followed by Imran and Saira.

Reading the letter out loud, Saira realises just how much Kate loved her daughter and relinquishes her decision to ban Kate from the funeral.

At the Bistro, Ryan and Ali confront Robert about his disappearance and tell him about the factory roof collapse.

On the phone to Peter, Gary demands his blackmail cash and panics as he needs the money immediately. Threatening to backtrack on the blackmail, Peter promises to get him the cash quickly.

At the mosque, Rana's relatives and family are dressed in a traditional Islamic dress, in honour of her passing.

As her coffin is taken into the ceremony,  Alya introduces the audience to the intricacies of a Muslim funeral. Facing the anguish of Rana's sudden loss, Imran seeks solace in Toyah. Denouncing the supposed hypocrisy of the traditions, Imran's soliloquy certainly carries some weight.

As head of the family, Imran must also oversee Rana's burial. Rather than face it alone, Toyah asks Johnny to be by Imran's side, with which the recently bereaved Johnny agrees.

Back at the Bistro, Michelle confronts Robert and is exasperated at his reluctance to stay around Coronation Street, as he plans to leave again. Consoling Kate, Robert is heartbroken at Rana's passing and receives succinct advice from the grieving bride. Deciding to stay on, Robert promises to stick around, which only riles Ryan. Meanwhile, Michelle asks Ryan to keep an eye out on the rogue chef.

Examining Sylvia's ring, Wayne considers the inscription and where the ring actually came from.
It seems to the ring was made in Egypt which prompts the sleuths to seek further clues.

Out on the street, Gary realises that the builder's yard has been broken into.

Back the pub, the mourners raise a toast to Rana but Sally's presence isn't welcome. Alya's grief is again brought to the surface which prompts Imran to question why the roof came down in the first place, telling Kate that he needs to speak to Carla and urgently.

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Anonymous said...

Blaming Sally really baffled me! How could the weight of two women cause a roof to collapse. This was ludicrous. It is obvious that if the owner of the building leaves town, with no word to anyone, not even her grieving half sister....then put two and two together....she knew something! And as owner of the building...and Nick by being co-owner of the business, would you not go to Sally got all of the blame is beyond me. I don't like Sally half the time, but in this case I felt so bad for her.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's absolutely ridiculous. A flat roof like the factory's should be able to support quite a lot of weight like for example several tons of snow after a big storm or roofers and their equipment whenever repairs are needed. Sally's a slip of a thing, so even if she hopped from one end of it to the other she couldn't possibly damage a roof or even worsen existing damage.


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