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Thursday 21 March 2019

Last night's Corrie - Mini Cheddars and Rana- what did you think?

What did you think to last night's killing of Rana in the Underworld roof collapse?

Did Kirk's mini-cheddar moment bring a smile to your lips?

The fall out and weeks of Kate crying isn't something I'm cherishing, to be honest. Kate and Rana were never my "thing" - but I know I'm not the target audience for them and yet millions of fans are. So I'll act like a wise monkey and say nowt.

The only thing I am eager to see in the coming weeks is how Coronation Street deal with Carla's mental health and her breakdown. I hope it's done as sensitively as we all trust it will be. Fingers crossed.

Did you enjoy watching it all unfold last night? Any thoughts on what you did and didn't like?

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Llal said...

Not a fan of Kana either, particularly the Kate half, but thought they all smashed it in terms of acting. Imran also, but obviously Alison King was wonderful there at the end. Not a dry eye in our house!

Very well directed, very moving.

The mini-cheddars thing went over my head, seemed a bit pointless, as much as all the twee biscuit nonsense in the build-up episode.

Still can't work out when Izzy sneaked out - presumably at the same time Rana sneaked in!

Very much looking forward to an Alison King acting masterclass in the coming weeks.

maggie muggins said...

Well, I'm the target audience, but not a big Kana fan either. (I think it will still take a while to portray lesbian couples well on tv shows. How long since Ellen came out on her sitcom years ago?) I did think last night's eps were brilliant though. (half a dozen kleenex worth)

Often these epic nights fall short on delivery of lines and coordination of cast during hectic scenes. The back and forth of venues, in cars, Peter and Ken parked, etc. worked really well for me with the wedding & roof crash. Reactions on the street looked realistic too. The special effects & camera teams worked overtime and it showed.

Good use of smart phones, again, something often looking a bit cheesy. I hope Kate can mature after this, instead of doing her stroppy thing for years on end, despite "we all grieve differently".

Paul and Kirk rocked, and I too look forward to see how Carla bites into the hefty fallout. Aww, Peter!

Roni said...

I think it should have been Kate in the rubble and then Rana leaves the street to go live with her mum.
Then Johnny would have been really conflicted between loving and hating Carla.

Gilles27 said...

I'm just glad that Dirk wasn't there, but I worry for his future employment now.

Flash Gordon said...

I'm sure they said at one point that Rana wasn't going to be killed off in the factory. Liars! And I am annoyed that Gina wasn't killed off.

I didn't really like it, it showed the rescue services and the police to be utter idiots. I mean, as if Kate would be able to go into a collapsing building like she did. Utter tripe!

All in all, a very damp squib with atrocious acting.

SuzInToronno said...

The person I felt bad for was Imran, poor guy. I liked Rana. I just never felt the love between her and Kate, even after last night's ep. One minute Rana was married to a bloke, the next, she was in a full blown lesbian relationship and getting married ASAP.

Having suddenly realised she was gay, no doubt settling down and playing happy families with the first woman she slept with wouldn't be the first thing on her mind. I'm sure there'd be guilt, a sense of freedom, exploration, grief over a lost way of life and marriage, excitement over new beginnings, fear, sex. . . a myriad of emotions and discoveries that were never explored by the writers. Kate could have been with her on the adventure. Or not. Or she could've come back to her in the end. The whole storyline had so much potential.

The only time I got a real feel for their love was last night when they panned out while Kate was sobbing next to Rana's body. Although, mostly I think it was just an awesome shot.

Alexandra said...

I was never a Kana fan, but I did like Rana for the most part. I do think that killing off the character was the only way to have her leave, anything else would have felt silly. I felt a lot of emotion in Imran's scenes who doesn't usually get to have this kind of range on screen. And Ali King in the the cafe was incredible. Those scenes were hard to watch.

I do wish they had done something for those plot holes. They could have shown Rana slipping in in the background of a scene. Same with Izzy leaving. I mean, she uses a wheelchair and the factory doesn't look like it is very wheelchair friendly. I'm sure they would have noticed her leaving. And no one could have told the actor playing Kirk to at least limp out of the factory?

Anonymous said...

Although the acting was amazing last night, something was really missing for me. I think it's because we've seen Kate and Rana in too many crying scenes, last night almost felt like "Oh, just another Kana crying fest."

It also only feels like five minutes ago that Kate was trying to sleep with Adam Barlow. For me, Kate's baby obsession storyline might have been a better ending for them. Rana might have adored Kate but she was a mug to take her back after that.

I'm sorry to see the end of Rana. I think Bhavna is a phenomenal actress and I always felt Rana was horribly underused. When she first came the writers didn't know what to do with her and so quickly married her off to Zeedan. Then once she fell in love with Kate it seemed her storylines were defined by Kana and her sexuality. A real shame.

bluegardenia said...

"Target Audience"???? Clarify please. Are you saying this story line is for the LBQT audience? Ridiculous premise.

Glenda Young said...

No. I mean target audience in terms of age of viewer.

Louby said...

Rana was my preferred member of Kana, although I wasn't really a fan of their partnership. I did think the episode was well done and I felt quite exhausted by the end!

So are we going to have to watch Carla fall to pieces, again thinking that she's responsible for someone's death, in much the same way as the aftermath of the fire when Kal died? Unless that was her on the scaffolding last week!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): The Rana actress was great! Much preferred her to Alya and Kate. Too bad--as so many people said--they never found much for her to do. The character came across from the beginning as a bit of a tortured soul, compassionate, conflicted, lost,-- and it could have been really interesting to have explored that, particularly in the context of her abusive/controlling family and her religion. Her relationship with her brother was nicely set out too. But the producers never gave the character much of a story line and let her become one more sidebar in the Kate and Carla Connor story.

I remember they brought Alya, Rana, Zeedan, Yasmeen into much fanfare about having an authentic Muslim family on the street but they did precious little from that angle either. Now Rana and Zeedan are gone, Alya has vanished, and Yasmeen is drinking in the pub and sleeping with Geoff like any other Corrie streeter!


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