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Thursday 21 March 2019

Kate and Rana vs Theresa May

Last night’s Corrie had me sobbing. Clutching a fake fur cushion, I watched as breezeblock by breezeblock, the knicker factory came crashing down onto helpless Rana in scenes that might look familiar to anyone who watched the 50th anniversary tram crash and Bistro explosion episodes. I loved those episodes. Mid-March seemed to be a bit of a random time to have an epic event like this - Christmas doesn’t seem that long ago, although under new producer Iain MacLeod, the festive season was pretty low key.

The episodes were beautifully directed by Brett Fallis
I found myself rooting for Rana even though social media had revealed what was going to happen while I was at work. I rarely get to watch Corrie ‘live’ so I should have known to avoid Twitter yesterday evening. And in fact I’d never really been invested in the Kate and Rana love story (hashtag ‘Kana’), I never really saw much chemistry between them. Over the past couple of weeks, perhaps because their impending wedding had meant more scenes together, I kind of saw it.

And then this happened. Tired after a long day at work I was already emotionally vulnerable. Sat alone in my half decorated flat, I’m not ashamed to say I blubbed so much I used half a roll of Andrex. And to top it all off, my beloved Carla broke down too at the end of the episode, feeling responsible for Rana’s demise. I’ve still got a headache from trying to stifle my sobs.

Too much!
I once again logged into Twitter to see if I was the only one who’d been gripped by the episode. I wasn’t. The heartbreaking double-ep, with it’s clever camera shots and edge of the seat jeopardy had gone down well and shares in Andrex had most definitely rocketed. And then I spotted a Tweet amongst all the #Corrie praise and #Brexit rants that I thought was brilliant and summed up my day and perhaps my country on that particular Wednesday night:

It just so happened that Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, had waited until 10 minutes into the second Corrie roof collapse episode to give a speech to the nation about Brexit. How dare she. Even if you're a fan of Mrs May (I don't know any), Coronation Street comes first, national crisis or no national crisis. 

Aamer Anwar is a human rights campaigner, lawyer and Rector of Glasgow University. And as we now know, a Corrie fan.


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Humpty Dumpty said...

I was getting almost as sick of reading about the roof collapse as I am about May/Brexit. There comes a point where you think 'just get on with it'. I didn't feel tearful because, apart from seeing the spoilers everywhere, Kate has never been really developed as a character. It would have been brilliant if there had been a surprise in the roof collapse episodes. OK, a lot of us had read that Rana/the actress was leaving but a failed rescue by Gina/Abi/other, leaving them disabled (temporarily or permanently), would have been an excellent twist. Although, obviously, if it had gone this way, it would have become that character's storyline whereas we know this is a build-up to Carla's breakdown.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I too, wasn't tearful as I read this blog and I knew the actress who played Rana wanted to leave - the spoilers were here. I would have liked a twist or a surprise. My hubby said Lolly could have turned up and kept Rana hostage - she could have still passed away in the factory roof collapse after she'd escaped. Plus, where was Kevin,Chesney,Gail, Rita, Dev, Kevin and Roy?

Martin Leay said...

Nice blog Stevie! I also saw that tweet. But unlike Aamer Anwar, I did not miss Corrie for the statement as I just knew NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Stevie said...

Ha! Exactly!


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