Saturday, 16 March 2019

Roy's Rolls bananas? They're nuts

I've grumbled about this in the past here on the Coronation Street Blog but now I'm grumbling in a blog post of its own.

Roy keeps bananas in his fruit bowl at Roy's Rolls on top of all the other fruit. Of all the people in the world, pedantic, know-it-all, health and safety conscious Roy Cropper would know this and never, ever keep his bananas in the cafe in the bowl in this way.


Bananas emit ethylene gas which causes other fruit to spoil more quickly. Roy would simply not allow this in his cafe. He wouldn't want the waste or the expense of over-ripened fruit.

There, I've said it now!

Even the cafe in rival soap Emmerdale acknowledge this and have a banana metal hanger so that the bananas are kept away from the other fruit.

Come on, Corrie, please get it right ... for Roy.

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popcorn said...

....but sometimes you WANT the bananas to help ripen the under-ripe pears or avocado in your fruit bowl!

Susan said...

The first time I heard anything about this was in a blog post a week or two ago. Since then I've been trying to find out how far from the rest of the fruit I should keep my bananas. Does anyone know? Is a few inches OK? A few feet? A different room?? I'd love for my pears to last more than two days in my fruit bowl!

Shelley Barnes said...

That's what you call a "spoiler alert".

David Hughes said...

I still boggle at the unhealthiest street in the nation having a full fruit bowl on every table. Is it the same one,moved from set to set with filming? Certainly nothing on it is ever eaten.

bluegardenia said...

Question: Where was Shona going when she was taking the teddy bear to David's kids and Clayton got in the car with her? Weren't the kids staying at Nick's? Isn't Nick supposed to be living with Leanne across the street? This whole Clayton storyline is ridiculous.

David Hughes said...

Never mind who’s driving where and why, where are all the cars kept? There’s only Rita with a garage and no cars are ever parked on the street.

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