Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Daniel Brocklebank interview: Rita saves Paul and Billy

When Paul first arrived on the street it looked like he and Billy were going to get together but then it didn’t work out for them, has Billy struggled to get Paul out of his head?
I think so yes. Paul’s a cheeky chap and Billy finds that personality type hard to trust.

Is Billy worried about opening himself up to another relationship after having his fingers burnt in the past?
Absolutely. Despite being flawed himself, Billy has no tolerance for idiots.

It’s Rita who intervenes and tries to push them together, what happens? Does Rita’s plan work?
Yes she does and it’s really cute. I love working with Barbara, she’s got such a fantastic twinkle. Her efforts certainly get Billy & Paul to spend some time together. Will sparks fly? We’ll have to wait & see...

How worried is Billy about Paul’s past and the differences in their background?
Let’s face it, despite being a vicar, Billy is no angel. Only a year or so ago he was smoking heroin in church so it would be a little pious if him to judge anyone else’s past.

Billy’s devoted to Summer, will her opinions of Paul sway his opinions?
Always. She’s a bright kid and they have a beautifully open relationship. As she gets older and more street wise and savvy, I hope to see more of their friendship develop.

Do you think Billy and Paul are well suited? Could they have a future?
Billy loves a bad boy and there’s definitely chemistry there, but Billy is not very confident where dating is concerned, he’s definitely not cool. If Billy can pull this one out of the bag he deserves a beer.

Are you enjoying playing this new chapter in Billy’s life?
I am. The beauty of working somewhere like Corrie is that the characters we all play are constantly evolving so there’s always new things to learn about them. After Billy’s tough year last year I’m thrilled that he’s got himself back together & that he & summer are working well together.

You recently filmed All Star Musicals, did you enjoy doing something different?
I had the time of my life on that show. I enjoyed every second of it. I’ve done lots of theatre in the past but never musical theatre so it was a new experience entirely. As much as I adore it at Coronation Street it was great to do something different for a while and push your levels of comfort. It’s always good to push yourself.

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