Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Coronation Street Spoiler: Tim has a heart attack

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Coronation Street and Tim feels unwell. He tries to ignore the pains in his chest and arm but Gina can’t leave Weatherfield until she knows Tim’s ok. Calling at No. 8 she tells Sally that Tim needs to see a doctor. Realising something is horribly wrong Sally calls an ambulance.

Back from hospital Sally fusses round Tim, insisting that from now on it’s healthy eating all the way. As Tim searches the house for chocolate, Sally heads out to find Gina. Thanking Gina for her part in saving Tim’s life, Sally asks a shocked Gina not to leave.

Paying off the cab driver Sally orders Gina back to No.4 where they find Tim about to tuck into a bacon sarnie! Gina is given their forgiveness for everything, will she change her mind about leaving?

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Bring Back Todd/Bruno .... said...

Oh God No, Sally, what are you thinking? Let her go out of your life. Gina is yet another unlikable character. That's three in a row!

Flo said...

Gotta get some more use out of that hospital set!!!!

Roni said...

I like Gina and think that they can pull more out of her story.

maggie muggins said...

Oh, gosh, how many times is Gina leaving and coming back? Her constant insincere grinning drives me up the wall!

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