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Saturday 23 March 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 20th March 8.30pm

As promised, here is part two of this Wednesday's Corrie, all wrapped up in a handy blog review.

With the factory in ruins, Kate is frantically on the phone to Rana as the rescue teams rally round the street. Falling in and out of consciousness, Rana hangs on for dear life. The rescue team, sensing that the factory is now safe, head back into a collapsed Underworld. Ali the doctor also joins the search.
Whilst Carla is (characteristically) at an unfamiliar pub, Peter and Ken are still on their way to Southampton until they receive a call about the accident.

Fearing for Carla, Peter's recent ambivalent feelings subside, and declaring his love for the factory boss, he decides to travel back to Coronation Street.

Back at the wreckage, the emergency teams race to rescue Rana. As Ali locates the stricken bride, he realises that her life is slowly ebbing away and she is struggling to remain conscious.

Quickly locating Rana's phone, Ali speaks to Kate and Imran on the phone and breaks the devastating news that Rana has died.

Arriving back on the street, a stoic Carla stands aghast at the tragic scene she is met with, almost statuesque - and in incredible shock.

Back inside the ruinous Underworld, it transpires that Rana is actually still alive (Ali must have felt some Ronan guilt then) and Kate and Imran talk to her on the phone, hoping to raise her spirits.

Feeling helpless, and in typical Kate fashion, she pushes the emergency services aside so she can speak to Rana face-to-face fearing her fiancé's life is about to end.

At the barber shop, David collars Nick and asks him if he had anything to do with the roof collapsing. Nick displays no feeling of guilt and gives David's accusation short shrift.

Peter tracks down a frightened Carla, who is sat on the floor in a foetal position, and in a harrowing state of despair.

Feeling that her final breaths may be imminent, Rana asks Kate to marry her immediately. With speeches reminiscent of Shakespeare, and a romanticism that could have well been written by Lord Byron, the doomed lovers embrace for a final time and Rana's life ebbs away.  

Meanwhile, as Peter consoles Carla she admits what she knew about the dangerous factory roof, then Peter receives a phone call from Michelle, revealing the terrible news to a distraught Carla.

Imran stands in amazement amongst a hive of activity, as an aerial shot of the street brings the drama to a close.

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1 comment:

Kosmo said...

Slight correction, Ali on the phone let Imran/Kate know it was bad news and Rana would not survive - not that she was already dead. There was a continuity problem. At one point the mobile was well out of reach but Rana, despite the pain managed to come round and pick it up and talk again!


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