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Monday 25 March 2019

Corrie Comicals episodes to Sunday 24 March 2019

Nothing Comical with our first clip this week.  Merely a paean of praise.  For reasons I could explain at length my handwriting has always been illegible.  In my first year at University I acquired a typewriter and in those days could think logically enough to prepare and type my output (except in exams of course).  I have always held in awe those with an ability to precisely control a pen and of course we rarely these days see magnificent manuscripts.  So Rana's work above is a joy and delight to my eyes and I have no doubt will soon be a great source of comfort to Kate.

We know Beth has pulled an all-nighter working on Rana's dress.  Here Alya is defending Beth - she might be "lazy" but she is good with a machine.  The Corrie team obviously liked the line so much that later on both Carla and Johnny said more or less the same, one of them adding that a regular cattle prod up the backside was essential to get any performance from her.

"Trolley Man" Martin Bishop gets a special mention.  Ken is explaining why he is freezing in the ITV Studios, sorry Freschco, car park as Peter and Carla fail to get their mojo back telling "Trolley Man" that he (Ken) used to do the same job.  However Ken never turned his trolley stories into a book (these days it would be a blog of course) - "Tales From The Trolley-man" (above).

When Corrie is in full on disaster mode then inevitably comedy is way down the list.  Daniel has just observed that bride (she was wearing the dress) of the day was ten minutes late and Toyah pointedly notes that less than 10 minutes late is merely fashionable, 10 or more minutes late means something more serious "is she definitely coming or not?" late.  By contrast marrying off one of my daughters we arrived so early at the church she had to hide on the floor of the car as all the guests and "husband to be" were still outside the church as we had arrived so early!

Imran has just told Rana that all will be well and the story of the wedding day will be told to their children for years to come.  Leaving aside Rana's predicament we should remember that Imran is currently with R'Toyota.  Now the one thing we do know about her since her return is her apparent inability to have a child - even with IVF or by taking her half-sister's daughter.  So it is hardly a wonder that Rana finds this hilarious.

A personal observation, given the inevitable pain and suffering that Rana is experiencing, is that for her to survive some clearly serious physical problems for at least 30 minutes remaining compos mentis strikes me as unlikely.  She must have been losing blood at a rapid rate and to survive for that long seems highly improbable, perhaps these things work differently on Coronation Street.  Next peeve - what woman walks around with a heavy shoulder bag, puts it down and then fails to pick it up, especially if it contains two valuable rings?  Next up - we saw Izzy show Craig out - she would tell the others she was off to get fruity I am sure.  Next peeve how could Rana get back into the factory without one of the occupiers seeing and hearing her going through the doors in a white jump suit (she was wearing the trousers).  The last we saw of Rana was her staring at the bracelet.  The gaps are significant.  Final peeve - when did Rana put her phone on vibrate rather than use a ring tone?  The phone would have been in the bag of course - but she was using it in the flat before she returned to the factory where the bag had been left.  These plotholes are large enough to swallow an entire factory - oh they did!

Sophie has just observed that Sally is like the "Terminator" -  no matter what happens she just keeps bouncing back (above).  This came shortly after Tim had declared that he did not know what he would do without Sally.  Let us all hope we can go back to these two doing some regular comedy.

And Jenny weighs in with the observation which is worth bearing in mind that Sally is not even hefty, is she?  So we will all be looking to wonder boy Wayne to solve the mystery how a jerk and a crowbar could so seriously weaken the roof, given that Gary and Polish builders had been dancing around on it for the last couple of weeks!

Missing Extras

I normally celebrate the contribution of extras in factory scenes but although they were floating around last week when the strike was being mooted, none of them, not even Dirk, actually turned up for the lock in.  Izzy, Emma, Gemma, Gina, Paul, Sally and Sean all present and correct.  As the last time the factory closed it looks like I am going to miss the ensemble scenes in the factory and there have been so few of them since Phelan bodged the roof repairs.

Next week will be fashionably late again as there are no Monday episodes this week and so I will be covering Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Writers: Joe Turner (Monday); Owen Lloyd-Fox (Wednesday); Julie Jones (Sunday)
Directors: Brett Fallis (Monday & Wednesday); Alan Grint (Sunday)


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Catsmom said...

Rana is not the first person on Coronation Street to seem to take an impossible length of time to bleed out. First, Molly took way longer than it would in real life, then Kylie also took an impossible length of time.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Wayne character was believable and well acted. When you get a good actor like that it just shows how rubbishy some of the other so called Corrie actors are.

Tashacat said...

Great blog. There is no way Rana would have had enough breath to make these long speeches. I agree with Anonymous that Wayne is a welcome addition. The character shows great potential.

Louby said...

Great summary of all the plot holes! Corrie characters do have unbelievable deaths, to allow for declarations of love, or, in Molly's case, a full confession. I'd add John Stape to that as well, I think he lived just long enough for Fiz to forgive him if I remember rightly.

Richard said...

Is there going to be a review from Sunday March 24th show?


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