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Saturday 16 March 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 15 March 2019

Sometimes these throwaway lines go by almost un-noticed but I thought we could celebrate Eileen's reluctance to go out on the town unless it is with a large number of hunky soldiers.  And only a little later she is "not" on a date with hunky builder!

Ms Plummer has returned from her alter ego's Christmas stint on South Bank or jail in France as the storyline has it.  Ruby shows Evelyn a picture she has drawn - but it includes Mary not Evelyn and is promptly discarded as unimportant (above).  Neither Tyrone nor Evelyn wants to be where they are - allegedly - but both engineer her staying with a debt to pay by working in the garage - which has to be better than cleaner and dogsbody at "Trim Up North" where Nick employs Gail without telling David; so there will be more of Gail in the near future.

Jenny, lacking enough bread to do the job properly, has made an open sandwich which she claims is called a smurdy burdy - which is a new name to me.

Now I cannot tell the difference between a stoat and weasel, but everyone seems convinced this is in fact a weasel, Vin Diesel, which seems to be taking extreme pleasure in Nick's discomfort arising from the blackmail pressure which Natalie the money stealing assistant and waitress from Nottingham who was introduced to Leanne as Nick's solicitor; Leanne is going to recognise the new assistant in the barbers when Nick succumbs to the pressure and employs her!

Main event on Wednesday evening was the hen do.  I think they have finally got around to the prosecco puffs.  Although I am sure Moira has consumed more than Maria and Toyah she fails to win as Craig has lost count.  The look on her face implies many more!

Daniel has just given Bethany an update on his life - radiotherapy with Sinead, spending time with Bertie and trying to do an MA.  As Bethany observes above - who said blokes cannot multi-task.  Daniel by the look of it!

Hearing you may be about to lose your job is not particularly comical and in my view we have not had enough ensemble discussions in the factory since it re-opened.  Izzy observes that she remembers Carla screwing Nick over before to which Sean cuttingly adds as above.  Despite several factory scenes tonight there was no sign of Dirk.  So I have to hope Dirk is on holiday and will not die next week.

Just a brief apology for not turning up last week.  During the week I reached a significant birthday and we were away for a couple of days which meant I fell behind and never caught up!  Sorry.  One line from last week is still cheering me up.  Brian was in the barber's chair and asked about a "Trim Down South" in case it was part of a chain - but viewers saw David taking an involuntary glance at Brian's crotch area!

Writers: Mark Wadlow & Susan Oudot (Monday); Jonathan Harvey & Jan McVerry (Wednesday); John Kerr & David Isaac (Friday)
Directors: Suri Krishnamma (Monday); David Kester (Wednesday & Friday)


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maggie muggins said...

Lol, Kosmo! I love when you catch those lines we might miss. And prosecco puffs, which I thought were marshmallows.


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