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Sunday 24 March 2019

Corrie weekly update – Tara Rana

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It’s been a short week on Corrie with only four episodes instead of the usual six as the schedules were messed up by football. But those four episodes packed a punch and so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Belle of the Back Streets


Underworld collapsed this week after the roof caved in. Who’s to blame will be revealed in due course. However, there was a shady character dressed in black on the roof just before Sally and Gina went up there to protest at losing their jobs to robots in Milton Keynes. Sally comes crashing down when the roof gives way, and is whisked away to hospital. Meanwhile, some of those characters (cough, Sean) you were hoping might not have made it through came out unscathed. Kirk even felt perky enough to open a bag of mini-Cheddars as he sat in the rubble with electricity sparking around him amid the threat of an explosion. But Sean, Kirk, Paul, Abi, Gemma and everyone else gets out safely as the emergency services are called.

Meanwhile, it’s Kate and Rana’s wedding day and Rana’s nowhere to be seen. That’s because she’d gone back into the factory to collect her handbag, or something (I’m sorry, I always zone out when Kate and Rana come on the screen. Sometimes I press the mute button. If I’m watching on catch-up, I whizz through every scene they’re in).  Anyway, it turns out that Rana’s crushed at the factory, but she’s still alive. In a long drawn out scene that I had no emotional involvement in, Rana dies in Kate’s arms. If you liked this sort of thing, you’d have loved it. You might have even cried. For this fan, who never got or liked #Kana the thought of tuning in to watch Kate sobbing fills me with dread.

What will keep me gripped is how Carla deals with the collapse of her beloved factory and having yet another factory death on her conscience. Remember Polish worked Kasia, anyone? That was all down to Carla too, pushing her workforce too hard.  When Peter hears what’s happened to Carla and the factory, he decides not to leave and heads back to Weatherfield and Carla. She’d already tried to stop him leaving but he insisted he had to go, likening their relationship to any addiction. “It’s like booze,” he tells her. “I crave it every day but I can’t. It’ll kill me.”  Now that Peter heading back to face his worst addiction it might just be another death that Carla becomes responsible for.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Belle of the Back Streets


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Humpty Dumpty said...

I read a comment a few days ago that the Street wouldn't be the Street without the factory. True, it would be so much better. In fact, Carla's cost-cutting proposal was very realistic, turning the factory into a distribution centre. Lousy hours with minimum wage. A whole new storyline could have opened up with new, non-lingerie products needing the facilities. Still, not to be and no doubt the factory will be up and running after the insurance pays up. Did Carla keep up the insurance payments? That's another development, maybe. For this viewer, the roof collapse stunt was too similar to the viaduct disaster, and we've just had a boat fire where Simon nearly died. Peter has already started the predictable 'none of this is your fault, Carla' conversations.

Ancient corrier said...

I read somewhere it would be an established much loved character that died - I don't think so. Is Sally going to be ok?

Where's Emily?? said...

I thought it was a terrible pretty much most episodes are of late. The "charm" of the street was that it was believable, we knew people like the characters on the street. We knew the Jims,Les',and everyone had an uncle Albert or Percy hanging 'round. I don't believe it anymore....they should change the name from Coronation Street to "Death&Destruction Street". I'm out, can't bear to watch this $#!t anymore.

popcorn said...

Thank God we are seeing the end of Kana. It's just a shame that the best actress of the pair is the one leaving.

Bring Back Todd/Bruno .... said...

I actually feel cheated that it was only Rana who died. Have no feelings or attachment to her. I wanted someone to die who is an awful character anyway, like Gemma or Gina.

Val said...

No more Kana...yeah!

MartesBC said...

Ahh, this is sad but I am looking forward to this. Sad to see the actress go, she was a great flash of energy when she came on ths show, cried like water fountain, end of a short era. Good luck to Bhavia.


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