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Sunday 17 March 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Friday 15 March 2019

A single hour long episode tonight.  The evidence is that a major event is in the offing as Dirk has clearly been sent on holiday and there was a lot of disagreement.

There are various suspects for the perpetrator of next week's carnage so let us run them down as we do tonight's review.

We are repeatedly told that come Monday there is a wedding as Kate and Rana are spending the night apart with Kate at the Rovers and Rana in the flat.  Apparently lesbians like a bit of tradition!  Lolly's move on Rana leads to Lolly being uninvited to the wedding as Kate has finally remembered that the Lolly we have been witnessing is the same Lolly with whom she went to school.  Lolly tries to say that Rana made the move but Kate sided with her partner.  Lolly destroys Rana's dress for Monday and Beth offers to fix it (above).  Can we discount Lolly from wreaking greater revenge?

Nick is under pressure for money from his partner in crime Natalie from Nottingham.  So he goes back to work at the factory and Carla finally tells him that she is outsourcing to Carillion in Milton Keynes (whoops they went bust, so now she is using Interserve ... oh they went bust on Friday) where the robots can stitch faster.  Nick drops Carla in it by breaking the news to the factory staff.  In the best traditions of Miriam Karlin / Paddy from "The Rag Trade" Sally leads the stitchers out on strike and even appears to be talking to Gina.  Beth had been promised a job for keeping her mouth shut and does not know which side of Carlexit she should be on.  Kirk is clear.  So does Nick see that destroying the factory will enable a quick insurance claim to solve his money problems, particularly as he tells David (above) that the factory burning down would solve their problems?  We know that these days Nick would have trouble living up to the sainthood which Gail bestows on him.

Gary asks Carla for payment as the bodge up of Pat Phelan's bodge job is done and the scaffolding is coming down.  Carla promises she will pay up.  Meanwhile Gary allegedly gets another job where is paid up front and is waving around a wodge of cash in the Rovers (above).  He does this in front of Seb who believes Gary could have overlooked his misunderstanding with Sarah and not sacked him.  Now Seb is proving he just feels he is an entitled snowflake millenial and unlike older generations has never learnt to both shut his gob and the need to respect his elders and betters particularly when he is down on his luck - caused by his own behaviour.  Seb is angry but stupid; I cannot see he would cause deliberate damage as there is no obvious motive.  Gary on the other hand is in desperate need of the factory roof rebuild to enable him to get somewhere to live, he knows the Phelan bodge is falling apart so a bit untidy with the scaffolding as it comes down and the big roof repair will be on the books.

Peter - well he is always a bit of a wildcard is Mr Barlow.  Staying off the booze has been good and attempting to off Billy was as bad as it has been for this visit and no two-timing!  The boat is a write off but he has his eyes on another one and Ken helps him out by making a list of the pros and cons of leaving.  Simon is looking forward to some Greek sailing adventures and Peter decides that it really is time for him to leave the Street as Carla is really not interested and we see her above giving him a telling for selling his share to Nick.  So he is off.

Michelle has turned Robert's life upside down in the last couple of weeks, pregnant, not pregnant, awareness that Robert wants children (so why did he not manage it with Tracy or Joni?) and her belief that her ability to put money in their pockets (robbing the Bistro the night the card machine failed and talking Steve out of £10k) is of greater import than the quality of the chef cooking the food in the Bistro.  He is so upset at losing the Bistro he refuses to tell Michelle what is on the menu for the wedding tomorrow so she has no idea who is cooking or what they are cooking for Kate and Rana (not helped by Dom {who he?} being on holiday).  As Robert wanders around in his pain he overhears Nick and Carla arguing in the Street about Underworld's finances and later puts a brick through Carla's car window so that she leaves the empty factory and Robert gives her a chilling warning (above) about the way she has wrecked his relationship with Michelle.  Robert might be unhappy but I cannot see him really wanting to cause the impending incident.

Which leaves us with Carla.  She has been driving herself like a demon, the factory is a drain on her, she has no management support since losing both Johnny and Aidan (Peter and Nick were both hindrances) and Alya however poor she considered the latter.  And Roy has made her homeless and she cannot move in with Michelle (default arrangement).  Her lack of red wine consumption has almost bankrupted both the Rovers and the Bistro whilst she even failed to notice a man panting after her a few weeks ago.  Above we see Gary chasing for money.  So the vote is in - Carla will do it.

In for me, in for me, infamy - they have all got it in for Carla.

See you in two weeks' time.

Writers: John Kerr & David Isaac  Director: Davd Kester


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C in Canada said...

Bye Bye Michelle! I used to like her, and I liked her with Steve, but sick to the back teeth of her now.


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