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Tuesday 26 March 2019

Katie McGlynn interview: Sinead brings baby Bertie home

How does Sinead feel when she first walks through the door with Bertie?
She feels relieved to be away from the hospital with Bertie but there is part of her that is very worried because he is premature and there isn’t any doctors and nurses there looking after him now. She is a panicky mum; she is trying to hide her feelings and act normal but she is terrified.

In the hospital scenes, you were filming with a jelly baby. Are you filming with a real newborn baby now?
Yes, the first scenes we had, the baby was in a moses basket and Rob and I were wondering when we were going to get to hold him. There is a scene where Bertie is meant to be sound asleep and Sinead panics because she sees him in the moses basket, completely silent. But as soon as we started rolling the camera for a take the baby started making noises, every time! That was very funny, but aside from that it’s been really good.

How did that feel when you first held the baby?
I was really nervous because I haven’t had much experience around babies, I only have one niece. They are so small I was scared I might drop the babies but I have just tried to be as natural as possible.

Have you ever filmed with a newborn baby before?
On Coronation Street, I have never filmed with a baby before. I have filmed with twin toddlers before on Waterloo Road and that was hard work but with a baby it’s lovely. It’s really nice because it is a lot easier to connect to a real baby than to act with a doll or a jelly baby because it’s easier to pull the emotion out.

Now that Bertie is home, do Daniel and Sinead feel like a family?
Yes, Sinead is happy but she is also scared that this perfect family bubble is going to pop because it is so amazing for her that she has finally got what she has wanted. It’s still in the back of her head that she is having her cancer treatment and that she is not out of the woods yet.

Do you think Daniel and Sinead will make good parents?
Yes, very good parents. They will be a bit odd because they are an odd coupling but they work well together. They will be very loving parents and they both have Bertie’s best interests at heart. Sinead has looked after Joseph before so she is good with kids.

How is Sinead feeling about her treatment?
She is trying to put on a brave face but she is terrified because although she is happy with her family life but it’s still in the back of her head. She doesn’t want to leave Daniel and Bertie, that’s her biggest fear more than anything.

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