Friday, 29 March 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 29 March

Coronation Street is on for one hour tonight from 7.30pm.


BERTIE COMES HOME Daniel’s happy to finally bring Sinead and baby Bertie home from hospital. They’re touched to see Ken has decorated the flat with bunting and a welcome home banner.
GARY HAS A DAY OF GOD AND BAD FORTUNE Jan and Anton call on Gary to offer him some work on a new housing build. As Gary celebrates in the Rovers Seb is gutted to discover it’s the same site where he has been offered work. As Gary and Sarah head home their good mood is broken when they find someone has vandalised Gary’s van and stolen his tools. Who is behind it?
THE ROOF INVESTIGATION CONTINUES In Carla’s absence, Michelle assures everyone that Carla couldn’t have known about the state of the roof as she would never have put lives at risk. As people ruminate as to whether she orchestrated the factory collapse herself so she could claim on the insurance, Wayne continues his investigations.
ELSEWHERE a memorial party is planned in the wake of the factory disaster. In the bistro, a preoccupied Robert is clearly under pressure and when he overhears Ryan on the phone to Michelle, and realises he’s spying on him, a furious Robert tells Ryan he’s sacked.


SARAH IS BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE Sarah’s convinced Seb is behind the vandalism and want to call the police but Gary refuses, what is he hiding? Meanwhile Seb insinuates that Gary and Jan are cowboy builders and most likely responsible for the factory collapse.
THE RESIDENTS WANT SOMEONE TO BLAME As Wayne questions the factory staff it becomes clear this was not an accident caused by Sally and Gina being on the roof. Taking Carla’s disappearance as a sign of her guilt conscience certain people are on the warpath as grief, frustration and anger build.
ELSEWHERE As Sinead fusses over Bertie, Daniel assures her they’ll be great parents. Ryan tells Michelle her plan backfired and Robert has given him the sack. Robert tells Billy he’s now got a vacancy and will happily take on one of his young offenders straight away. Billy’s thrilled.

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