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Thursday 28 March 2019

Why the return of Wayne Hayes is a Corrie coup

Anyone else loving the return of Wayne Hayes to Coronation Street?  I know I am and here's why...

Any storyline which means we see more of David Neilson as Roy Cropper getting his acting chops around some very tasty storylines is a plus for this Corrie fan.  And Wayne is a real blast from the past that's given Roy a happiness boost. Not only is Wayne acting as Roy's mini-me in his dress sense and pedantic manner, but the two of them are genuinely happy to see each other.

And therein lies the crux.

Because in soap, can anyone truly be happy? Are they allowed to be? If they are, then where's the drama, the grit and the story?  

Rumours are circulating that Wayne isn't all that he seems to be, that he's sinister and hiding something.  I hope those rumours are wrong. But whatever happens, Wayne will be instrumental, I feel, in the relationship between Carla and Roy when the health and safety inspection report is filed.

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Pat said...

I hope the rumours are false. Why can't we have a genuinely nice person appear on the street for a change?

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more with you Pat. Roy needs some happiness in his life . He wouldn't have another romantic liaison he loved Hayley way too much and would see it as dishonourable. Wayne could be exactly what he needs. Please make it happen! !

Christie said...

I hope he doesn’t turn out to be sinister. I think he’s jealous of Roy and Carla’s relationship. Perhaps that will come out to play in upcoming weeks as he continues the investigation. As honest as he believes he is in separating his work and his personal life, his jealousy may sway him to further the wedge between Carla and Roy when he discovers the roof was actually tampered with.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I'm loving this story line too! In particular the actor is doing such a great job and is really fitting in smoothly--seems like he has always been on the street. And the joy both Wayne and Roy expressed at seeing each other was genuinely touching--much more so than the ludicrous Rana death scenes and the final shots of Kate curled up around Rana's dead body, all the different, bare female limbs perfectly positioned. Not just overdone in the massive tear fests, but a bit distasteful in sculpting out a work of art from a supposedly tragic death! While I watched the Rana/Kate scenes dry-eyed, wondering when they would be over, I found myself tearing up at Wayne's reflections on the hope Roy and Hayley had brought him--the way they had shown him there was a whole other way people could lead their lives. Because sometimes a positive adult role model really can make a huge difference in a child's life.

I too hope Wayne won't become a sinister figure--would be a waste too because he's already a great character and turning him bad would cut short his shelf life. I could see him on the street for years, interacting with Roy. One thing's for sure though-now that he has hit the street, he is sure to lose his good job and professional credentials. In eight months' time he'll be working in the cafe, bistro, or Rovers, guaranteed. Most likely losing his job after some monkeying with evidence. Just wait and see!!


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