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Saturday 16 March 2019

Corrie weekly update – Salty, Malty, Lolly, Corrie

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Hello everyone. Please accept my apologies as there was no weekly update last week. I had a bit of a busy time with the book launch for my debut novel Belle of the Back Streets (there are some pictures here from the launch if you’d like to see them and then I came down with a very bad cold. But I’m back now and in fine fettle!  And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street weekly update.

Belle of the Back Streets


Next week on Corrie we’ll see the roof at Underworld collapse leaving one person dead. Who will die and who will be responsible for the devastation caused? Well, it’s hard to say right now. But one thing’s for sure – this was the week when Corrie put into motion the motives for those who might be responsible for Carla’s downfall and her spiral into a storyline about her mental health. 

Let’s have a look at the list of suspects as they’ve been revealed this week.

First up is Robert. Michelle dumps him this week after he made a remark about her dead baby son Ruari that was so insensitive, I did one of those noises when you suck air in through your teeth. I can’t forgive Robert for what he said, so I’m completely on Michelle’s side when she gave him her engagement ring back and broke up with the miserable Morrissey fan. Robert blames Carla for telling Michelle to break up with him and swears his revenge on Ms Connor. But has he got it in him to bring down the roof the factory on Carla’s head? I’m not so sure.

Next in the frame are Seb and Gary, squaring up to each other in the Rovers. Seb’s upset that Gary’s sacked him. Gary’s upset that he’s out of work. One of the new Polish builders called Jan is eyeing up Eileen and calling her Malty (she’s as sour as malt vinegar apparently) and she calls him Salty in return. But would Seb be stupid enough to cause chaos at the knicker factory by bringing down the roof when all he wants is a job – and revenge on Gary, of course? And would Gary be so daft as to cause the roof collapse when he needs the work?

Peter’s also in the running as one of those who could cause Carla’s world to come crashing down. But I can’t see him doing this to the person he loves, can you? He threatens to sail away again this week on a new boat, and Ken encourages his son to leave. And that, my friends, says a lot.

As for Nick? Well, he’s got wind of Carla’s plans to outsource the knicker factory work to robots in Milton Keynes. He shames her by announcing this to the workforce in Underworld and they all walk out on strike. Nick threatens Carla not to ruin the business, or he’ll ruin her – or words to that effect. Kirk and Beth are promised jobs at the new Underworld-lite by Carla when the robots have stitched the knickers. She’ll still need people in packing after all. But when the girls and Sean find out what Beth’s been planning with Carla, they shun her. Even Kirk won’t talk to his wife. 

And then there’s Carla herself. With the ruination of Underworld around her, the factory’s running into the ground. She’s skint, the factory’s going under and she can’t pay her staff. Would she raze it to the ground for the insurance? You have to wonder at times.

Elsewhere this week, Kate and Rana’s hen party takes place, organised by control freak loopy Lolly, whom I really don’t like. But I suspect that’s the point of bringing her in. She tries to kiss Rana at the hen do in the loo and then tells Kate that Rana came on to her. Kate and Rana block Lolly from coming to their wedding next week and so Lolly gets her revenge by cutting up Rana’s wedding dress.

Over at the new barber set (and you can go behind the scenes here on an exclusive look around) Natalie from Nottingham returns. She’s the one who knows Nick’s secrets and he’s not best pleased to see her. However, Nick might have no choice but to take her on at the salon to buy her silence about where he got the money from to open the place… remember, he nicked Audrey’s cash that she was left in Archie Shuttleworth’s will.

Also this week, Liz returned from Spain and showed Jenny Connor she was the bigger person by making amends with her former foe. A nice scene, a good touch, proving once again Liz McDonald is A Legend. 

Another returnee this week was Tyrone’s grandmother Evelyn, and it’s good to have her and her acerbic wit back in Weatherfield. She’s been holed up in Paris by the gendarmes after refusing to pay a taxi fare. Anyway, she’s back now and makes herself useful in the garage where she blackmails one of the customers into paying more than he wanted to after she finds a pair of frilly pants in the back of his car – and she knows they don’t belong to his wife.  Tyrone and Kev thank their lucky stars that Evelyn’s working for them.

And that’s just about that for this week.  

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This week’s writers were Mark Wadlow and Susan Oudot (Monday); Jonathan Harvey and Jan McVerry (Wednesday);  John Kerr and David Isaac (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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