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Friday 29 March 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 27th March 7.30pm

Its the day of Rana's funeral.  At The Rovers Carla texts Michelle to let her know that she won't be there for her sister.

Roy tells Wayne that he accidentally set the boat on fire, but Wayne dismisses his worries that it had anything to do with the factory roof collapse. Gary questions Wayne's coincidental connection to the factory, whilst Sarah's struggle to find more work causes Gary to ponder Peter's blackmail offering.

Later, Gary makes an angry phone call to someone and demands cash. Can we assume its Peter that he's talking to?

Ahead of the Islamic funeral, Imran is still struggling to come to terms with his mother's insistence in a traditional send-off. As Kate visits Imran, Saira makes it clear that she doesn't want Kate attending the funeral. She says it due to fears of local gossip but fails to hide her conspicuous homophobia.

Imran struggles to contain his anger but Kate admits defeat and gives Imran a letter to read out at the ceremony.

Back behind the bar of the Rovers, Michelle wishes she could help out but Robert is still awol from the Bistro. Ali visits his mum and laments at how he felt being with Rana in her final moments.
Later on, Ryan and Ali head over to open up at the Bistro but the place is unlocked. Fearing a break-in, they find Robert has returned.

Also at the Rovers, Roy and Wayne reminisce about their past times on Coronation Street. Introducing Wayne to Brian, Brian admits that he is still struggling to solve the mystery of Sylvia's ring but Wayne offers to investigate instead.

In the back room, Kate tells Johnny and Jenny that she won't be attending the funeral, but they still can. Although struggling to keep it together, Johnny knows that his daughter's grief is only just beginning.

Meanwhile, Sally exits the taxi having arrived back from the hospital, and is confronted by a grieving Alya. Blaming Sally for the loss of her best friend, she is also warned to keep her away from Rana's funeral.

On Victoria Street, Imran fervently defends Kate and passes the heartfelt written note to his Mother.
Can Saira really stop Kate from saying a final goodbye to Rana?.

I'll be back soon with a review of the 8.30pm episode. See you in a bit.

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Flash Gordon said...

Sorry, but the acting by those playing Kate and Imran was possibly the worst I have ever seen. To the point that it was actually annoying me.

Tashacat said...

Agree with Flash. I tend to fast forward scenes with Kate as her acting is so one dimensional and annoying.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Me too, found those scenes very tiresom. Kate is cute but not the greatest of actors. And I (like Moira, Mary etc.) appreciate Imran's looks but the actor's depiction of grief, shock, and horror is cringe-worthy. Meanwhile Alya's violent fury and overwhelming grief was just so over the top--as though she had just lost the most important person in her life--first Luke, now Rana. She should hire out as a professional griever.

coconno196 said...

Very unconvincing grief. Imran looked as if he'd put something in his eyes to make him cry.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen this before, a comment that received total agreement not once or twice but three times. I think this is the same person posting each time. lol


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