Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 5 Dec


IMRAN AND NICK ARE CAUGHT WITH THEIR PANTS DOWN Leanne thanks Shona for her matchmaking but is worried that Carla has overheard. Toyah and Imran enjoy an afternoon of sex in the empty flat but suddenly they are interrupted by Leanne with Nick in tow and Imran has no choice but to hide on the balcony while Toyah locks herself in the bathroom. 
FIZ MAKES A SACRIFICE FOR HOPE With tensions bubbling between Evelyn and Fiz over Hope, Fiz frets. While Tyrone and Evelyn prepare dinner, Hope bites Ruby and a deeply upset Fiz accepts Hope needs help. Fiz announces she will move to Birmingham with her so she can attend the special school until she is better. 
SINEAD’S STILL AVOIDING CHEMO Sinead masks her guilt as Daniel thanks Steff for helping her cope with chemo. But when Daniel thanks Carla for funding Sinead’s therapies, Sinead’s suspicious and her interest is piqued when she sees Ken surreptitiously handing Carla a wad of cash. But all is momentarily forgotten when Daniel and Sinead return from their scan, giddy with excitement.
CARLA HAS A PLAN TO MAKE NICK PAY Carla is furious with Nick when he undermines her in front of a client.
ELSEWHERE In a bid to encourage Amy to ditch the contract, Tracy reckons she and Steve should set her up on a date with Aadi.


NICK NAILS HIS COLOURS TO LEANNE’S MAST Nick tells Leanne that he’s going to sell his share of the factory so that Elsa is out of his life for good. Meanwhile Sarah clocks Carla and Elsa poring over Nick's diary. Assuming his dinner date is with Leanne, they prepare to ambush him in Speed Daal. 
WE SAY GOODBYE TO FIZ AND HOPE Evelyn offers Fiz some words of comfort and Fiz thaws towards her, suggesting she stays to keep an eye on Tyrone. Tyrone, Ruby, Chesney, Evelyn and Kirk say an emotional goodbye to Fiz and Hope.
SINEAD CAN’T KICK THE LIES Sinead quizzes Ken about the money he gave to Carla and he admits he’s been funding her therapy. Sinead shows Ken the scan photo of his grandchild.Later, Daniel feels the baby kick, telling Sinead he is the happiest man alive.
ELSEWHERE Steve and Tracy take Amy for dinner at the Bistro however their plan goes awry when Dev explains Aadi point blank refuses to go on a date with Amy.

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Anonymous said...

Pouring what over Nick's diary? Coffee, wine... ? I think you mean "poring" ��

Anonymous said...

The Nick\Leanne\Toyah\Imram storyline is too ridiculois for words and a rehashing of Toyah's and Peter's secret relationship!

popcorn said...

Anonymous 14:35 - Please don't blame FN for this misuse of English. These previews are provided by ITV, and are frequently rife with errors. FN herself writes very well.

Anonymous said...

Imran and Nick together? surely not ;)

Flaming Nora said...

I've changed pouring to poring. Yes, it was an ITV error as the official previews come direct from them, but I should've spotted and changed it before posting. Thank you for letting me know.

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