Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 19 Dec


BRIAN’S FUTURE HANGS BY A THREAD When Brian is sent home during the nativity final run through by Phil for exhaustion, he drowns his sorrows in the Rovers but he decides he has every right to watch the show so drunkenly sneaks in to the back of the hall with Cathy. David, Shona, Mary, Maria, Kevin and Tyrone are also in the audience while Phil paints himself a hero to the governors. When Jack spots Brian he, Liam and the others revert to the rap version of the play which is a resounding success. Jealous Phil calls Brian up on stage but as Brian takes a bow, Phil hitches his belt to the Angel Gabriel’s harness and hoists him in the air. 
KANA COME TO THE END OF THE ROAD Rana confronts Adam and is unforgiving. She agrees to talk to Kate calmly but Kate is stung when Rana confirms they are over.
TIM REFUSES TO BE IN SALLY’S DEBT Sophie calls at No.4 and is resentful of Gina and Tim’s cosy set-up.  Sophie is gutted when Paula rejects the idea of launching an appeal and presents her with a bill running into thousands of pounds.  Sophie suggests that Tim sells his half of Street Cars.
ELSEWHERE A hungover Jenny arrives home after staying out all night. Johnny invites Jenny for lunch but she gives him short shrift. Johnny invites Kate to move into the Rovers.

Wednesday 19th December 2018

BRIAN’S SHOW ENDS IN A SHOWDOWN Phil looks on smugly. Later, Phil follows Brian to the Rovers and lunges at him
SALLY TRIES TO PUT HER HOUSE IN ORDER Sophie tells Sally that Tim’s refusing to sell Street Cars. Sophie warns Tim that if he doesn’t sell, the lawyers will come after No.4 but when Tim blames Sally for the whole sorry mess, Sophie’s shocked to find Tim has put No.4 on the market.
JENNY WORKS ON HER REVENGE Knocking back the wine and tracking Liz’s movements on her app, Jenny accidentally smacks herself in the face on a cupboard door.  Jenny spots a DVD of ‘Personal Services’ on a shelf and puts it into the DVD player. She logs on to an escort website, clearly plotting something.
ELSEWHERE Alya calls at Rana’s flat and learns that she’s dumped Kate. 

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David Hughes said...

Are the scriptwriters on drugs? It can’t get any sillier.....can it?

Anonymous said...

Oh I know the feeling David. Some of these storylines are ridiculous. And PLEASE let that Phil be found out for the swine that he is.

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