Friday, 7 December 2018

Coronation Street Blog celebrates 11 years online

Today, Friday December 7th 2018 is our  Blog's 11th anniversary!

We've been online 11 whole years. 11 years of supporting Coronation Street. 11 years of suffering through the bad bits, laughing along at the good bits. 11years of building up an active community of Coronation Street fans on th'interweb.

Thank you - to every single person - who reads here, leaves comments here and of course, blogs here. It's a team effort, it always has been and always will be. We continue to accept guest blog posts from Corrie fans and always welcome new voices on the team.

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As well as being a day of celebration of 11 years online, it is also a day to pay homage to our friend and my Blog co-editor Diane Williams, better known by her nickname of Tvor. Diane passed away earlier this year and is much missed as a valued member of our blog team. She is, quite simply, someone without whom this blog would not have grown.

Most of all I miss her as my friend, The Voice Of Reason.

This weekend our blog team are meeting in Manchester, our annual get together. A toast will be raised to Diane, she is always in my heart.
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popcorn said...

Congrats to you, Glenda, and all your wonderful team (including Tvor, who I am sure can still read, and watch Corrie, wherever she is).

maggie muggins said...

Eleven magic years! Thanks for yours and all the bloggers dedication to this lively place, Flaming Nora! Without it, I for one would find Corrie a lonelier experience. Please raise a glass to TVOR from me at your meeting. Every time we get a funny line, I can hear her jotting it down and chuckling!

Martin Rosen said...

Well done to everybody involved. You can ove rthe 11 years become the 'go to' site for all information about Corrie.

Thank you.


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