Friday, 3 August 2018

Maureen Lipman returns to Coronation Street - as Tyrone's gran

Oh, be still my beating Corrie-loving little heart. Maureen Lipman is returning to Coronation Street!  But she's not returning in her role as snobby Rovers landlady Lillian 'and never, ever Lily' Spencer...

She's returning as Tyrone's battleaxe grandma Evelyn.

ITV Corrie have released these publicity pictures today. They say that Maureen will play Evelyn Plummer, who comes into Tyrone's life after he decides to research his family history following the recent death of his mum Jackie Dobbs.

Outspoken battleaxe Evelyn will soon be ruling the roost at number 9 much to Fiz’s dismay and it isn’t long before she starts to ruffle a few feathers on the Street.

Coronation Street Producer Iain MacLeod said: “I am beyond thrilled that we are introducing such a great new character, played by someone of Maureen’s pedigree."

Maureen is currently appearing in new a one woman show at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Maureen Lipman is ‘Up For It’ is currently playing the Assembly George Square Theatre until 12th August.

Evelyn will make her debut on the cobbles in September.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

It's great news but intriguing. I wonder if there are any other examples of well-known (or otherwise) actors who have appeared in Corrie as a significant character and, some years later, appeared as a different significant character.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Fantastic!Great to see good actors in Corrie.

Cobblestone said...

One instance of when a significant character has returned as someone else, Humpty, is Mark Casey, Kevin’s one-time garage mate. Stuart Wolfenden played Mark for a couple of years then returned a couple of years ago as the father of Jackson Hodge, the kid who got Faye pregnant. I wouldn’t claim Mr Hodge was a significant character, but this is the only instance of a regular cast member returning as someone else. (I’m not counting Linus Roach as Little Peter Barkow and Kawrence Cunningham). But speaking of Previous Peters, another instance might be the incarnation of Peter Barlow circa the time of Susan’s wedding to Baldwin, who later appeared as Crazy Kirsty Soames’ equally unpleasant father, but again, not a major character (and besides, all other Peters have long been eclipsed by Chris Gascoine). You could argue that Joe Dutyine falls onto your category, since he played the copper investigating Joe McIntyre’s death for a good five months (far longer than Maureen Lipmann’s three weeks as Lilian Spencer) before reappearing as Tim Metcalf, but it’s odd how anonymous Corrie policemen are (with the exceptions of Cyril Turpin & Alan McKenna), so maybe this doesn’t count either.

Cobblestone said...

I’m very excited about this. I’m just hoping she’s playing Tyrone’s paternal grandmother - that is, NOT Jackie Dobbs’ mum. Jackie was - well, as common as muck, and I don’t think someone cut from that cloth can be a successful battle-axe. A battleaxe needs to occupy the moral high ground, so she can judge those around her. What we don’t need is another vulgar rent-a-gob: we have Beth and the occasional elder Tinkers for that. Judging from those pics, it looks like Evelyn is a respectable, perhaps even houseproud woman - which exactly what we need.

Anonymous said...

Can no one transcend their class origins? Let's hope the show evolves to challenge entrenched stereotypes.

maggie muggins said...

Abso-flamin-brilliant news! :D

Val said...

Can't wait! The cobbles need a battleaxe! Love Maureen Lipman!

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