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Tuesday 21 August 2018

Victoria Ekanoye: Jude is not the man for Angie

Why does Angie feel like she is done with the relationship?
It is the end now, she is exhausted from trying and feeling that no matter what she does she doesn’t feel like she should feel towards her husband. She feels betrayed and also a little bit stupid because is a smart woman and should have known better. 

Is she aware of Mary’s intentions of wanting them to stay together?
No not at the moment but she has brought a baby in to Mary’s life so the guilt is quite heavy on her because it’s not just Jude she is breaking up with, it’s Mary and the family unit too. But she doesn’t see the vow renewal coming at all. 

Why do you think she hasn’t suspected that Jude is planning something behind her back?
She doesn’t realise how deluded and in denial Jude is at all. So this is why it comes as such a massive blow to her. It’s almost like she is being railroaded and forced to stay within a relationship that she doesn’t want to be in... it’s scary! 

What’s Angie’s first thoughts when Jude surprises her with a romantic meal?
She did love him and there is that attraction to that extent but it’s done for her. Even if she could forgive the fact that he lied back then and understand the reason why he did, it’s the fact that he is still lying. Is he ever going to stop?

How frustrated is she that he is avoiding talking to her?
In a relationship that is one of the worst things. He has to understand that Angie is hurt and upset and he is acting like he doesn’t want to try to help the situation. She thinks that basically Jude is not ready to accept it’s the end so she has no idea what he is planning. 

Why does Angie feel the need to go along with keeping quiet about their break-up?
She wants to break away but as kindly as possible, never in a million years does she think it’s going to be a vow renewal because she just can’t believe that he would be so stupid to think that that would be the next step after everything. 

Angie and Mary had a rocky beginning but do you think that if she could turn to her for support things would be different?
Angie and Mary would make a great team it’s just that there is this obstacle and the sad thing is that the obstacle is Angie’s husband and Mary’s son. 

How do you think Angie is going to react when she realises what Jude has planned?
She won’t be angry with Mary because she will just think that is Mary being Mary and ultimately like any mother would, Mary just wants her son to be happy. But to Jude I think she will feel utter rage because it is entrapment. All of it is under false pretence and over nothing, they’ve broken up! 

Do you think she should be worried about the lengths that Jude will go to?
It’s really difficult for her to wrap her head around because that is the father of her child and her husband so it’s a real myriad of emotions that she is going through. 

What advice would you give to Angie?
Get out! He is not the man for you, let him go. 

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fairycake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fairycake said...

Let him go! Let him go!!
Jude is not the man for you!
Let him go! Let him go!!
I reckon Mary knows it too!!
It may hurt at first!
But dragged out it's worse!!!
Get it over with.....

The writers don't know what to do with you two any way...!!!

Sing along everyone! You know you want to...X


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