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Monday 20 August 2018

Coronation Street Epiosde Review Monday 20th August

Well my wish came true and Handsome Imran has a storyline that isn't just running around after Rana and her melodrama (meloRana?), but if that strumpet Leanne doesn't keep her lapdancing mitts off of him, there's gonna be a new Street catfight between m'lady and me! He tells Lee that their romance was just a one-night-getting-over-his-dead-dad kind of a deal but later, after he has been forced to share a funeral car with his ex, Sabine, Leanne uses her considerable people skills to get rid of her when she comes a-calling looking for that sweet lawyer coin. She tells Sabine that she is Mr Habeeb's PA and she must make an appointment, and her chutzpah pays off as Sabine leaves in a huff and Imran hires la Battersby. So she'll soon be smooching her ex's son's ex's brother? Confusing. And Rana moves out of Kate's and into Imran's gaffe in order to keep up the pretence that she has split up with her girlfriend.

Billy has been too busy persuading Josh that his disability isn't an old Testament punishment from God to notice that his ex is in need of some Christian charity. He turns up to help at the soup kitchen and sees Sean, who pretends that he's also volunteering. He also pretends that he knows his friend Carol from the Bingo and not from tent city.

Seb is flirting with Emma at the salon whilst trying to fix Weatherfield's version of the fatberg. Emma at least puts a filthy smile on Seb's face rather than the wet weekend in Wigan that is Fay(e) Windass née Metcalfe, who announces that she is moving back to t'cobbles. Wouldn't social services have some kind of involvement at this point?

The Metcalfes throw a Monday lunchtime barbecue with Geoff, Gina, Dev and the newly adolescent Aadi and Asha (so that's what's happened to them - they've been away in the land of puberty). As well as charred salmonella chicken and cold burgers, there's another unpleasant discovery at the BBQ - a burner phone that Dev finds after he does a googlie into a gutter. Gina and Geoff quibble about whether or not to phone the police. Tim calls them but Gina takes the phone from its hiding place - she's better than Geoff at making things disappear. I suspect Dev might be the next thing that vanishes, after the cops arrest Gina for perverting the cause of justice when they find the phone in a drain.

Claudia and her Howard's Way hair is back. She sceptical about Lewis's love for Mrs Roberts. I'm sceptical that Lewis handed himself in, had a trial (without Weatherfield witnesses), was sentenced and has served his time all in a few months, but I'm loving the return of Lewis. I guess every time that Nigel Havers is free of panto commitments, they can resurrect this storyline. Anyway, Audrey decides to get back with Lewis, but pretends that she's going on a cruise in order to throw Gail off the scent. You just know that Gail is going to get hold of this scent and she's gonna smell a rat.

And finally, Jenny's doing a mood board on Pinterest to blue-sky think her ideas for refurbing the Rovers. Get rid of Betty's photo at your peril, Bradley! They also plan a grand re-opening  - presumably J&J got hold of the precious hot pot recipe off of Sean before they (literally) kicked him to the kerb.

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Anonymous said...

WHY OH WHY do they portray Gail as a simpering idiot? Absolutely HATED the scenes with her on the phone to one of Gary's suppliers.

Anonymous said...

And more to the point, why is Helen Worth acting like that? Really really bad!


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