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Friday 17 August 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 17th of August 8.30pm

We’re back and Audrey is at the prison visiting Lewis. He wants her to know that he’s a changed man. He’s no longer motivated by money or having his ‘massive ego massaged’ (tmi Audrey!). He wants nothing more than a second chance with only woman he's ever loved.   Audrey is clearly beguiled by his smooth talk. ‘People can change’ she tells her disbelieving daughter later. You can’t help but feel that this will fall on deaf ears with Gail, a woman who hasn’t changed her hairdo for the last 15 years!

Back at the hospital Saira gives in and allows Rana to see her father but it’s too late. Believing she and Kate are finished Hassan takes his daughters hand in apparent reconciliation as he passes away, leaving Rana distraught and wracked with guilt that she lied to her father on his deathbed.  In another room Billy is visiting blind Josh offering hope and miracles. Unsurprisingly the biblically punished rapist is unwilling to accept this salvation. You can’t win ‘em all Billy!

Elsewhere at the Metcalfe’s the very un-mastiff like Paula is down-to-earth, business like and positive they can win the case which is only based on circumstantial evidence. If only doubting Tim felt the same way. In the Rovers Imran and Leanne are enjoying a very flirty interview for Rosie’s old job which culminates in an offer of a game of scrabble. Who knew that the way to Leanne’s heart was through word games? We’d love to know what her triple word score is.

That’s nearly it apart from Carla and Peter both protesting far too much that they are just business partners.  Peter drops a bombshell that rather than being a sleeping partner he intends to work at the factory full-time, but of course this is just about securing his investment and Simon’s future and in no way about Ms Connor’s pillowy lips.  Has everyone got that? Simon's future yes, pillowy lips no, no, no!

That’s all from me chuck. I'm @mskelstar on twitter, give us a follow (I’m no relation to Lewis Archer!)

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Here are two storyline predictions which came to me as I fell asleep.

Josh says doctors have told him that his vision may return, and that Billy owes him for his current blindness. Cue vision returns but Josh feigns continued blindness to manipulate Billy.

Newly appointed counsellor, Toyah, is assigned to Jude and Angie - bit unlikely as they live on the same street but there you go - but she won't be able to resist 'helping'. This means giving in to Mary's pestering and divulging confidential information hoping it will 'help'. Another medical centre dismissal and another job for the resident solicitors.

Jan said...

Toyah is a trained counsellor, hey presto they need one at the medical centre at the end of the road.
Imran and Adam need a legal secretary, along comes Leanne with no law work qualifications whatsoever.
How contrived can you get?!

Taffy said...

We all know that all of Corrie has to live and work within 1 street of Coronation Street. No one needs a C.V. or work experience to apply for a job. Then they play musical beds with every one on the Street. It's all written into their contracts!!


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