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Friday 31 August 2018

Corrie Comicals week ending 31 August 2018

Monday night was a single episode and there were a lot of nice one liners in the mix tonight.  Rita and Audrey fall out in the Rovers and later Rita decided to tell Audrey what she thought of Lewis - "a cut price Milk Tray Man" - was a lovely put down in her string of invective as she pointed out that Maria deserved to be thanked for her service in the salon - Audrey is definitely in the wrong on that one!  Rita also tells Audrey to put things right with Gail as well.

I am not sure how many times it was observed that it was mad for the Rovers to re-open without insurance (indeed not having employers and public liability insurance is probably criminal).

In the factory Peter is trying to get to grips with the work and Carla is concerned.  Peter asks her "Who do you take me for?".  Her response is entirely accurate: "Peter Barlow of number 1 Coronation Street".  She knows that having him in front of a buyer will not aid her sales pitch.  He participates as she cannot get him to back down.  Apparently despite making some off-colour jokes the pitch goes well and Carla gets him to sit down to help work on the costings.

For the hard of reading (and for Flaming Nora's t shirt of the week) Gemma's says "Trick me once, can't fool me twice".  She is asking Liz about her recent paramour Mike Thornberry as she wants to get them back together.  Mike knows about Liz and Johnny so Liz does not want Mike to re-appear and later has to put Gemma off the scent.

In our house daughter number three was always told she would turn green if she did not eat up her vegetables.  Over 30 years later she still prefers a huge chunk of meat to vegetables!  Cathy, Chesney and Ty are discussing Ruby and Hope's belief that Brian is Santa Claus and various other little white lies are recounted - police watching you via the TV set, your nose goes pink when you lie and then Gemma tells a story about Mr Scratchy who does nasty things to sleeping children if they are naughty (this was a new one to those chatting - Gemma obviously had some strange parents!).

This exchange left me nearly as confused as Kirk.  I am not sure initially just what Tracy was hinting with people dressing up in "furry" clothes and going to "furry" conventions but having googled I gather they really exist in America and elsewhere - so at least Corrie is educational!

Mary is telling Ange that it is best not to keep secrets and everything should be out in the open.  And of course the secrets are piling up - a vow renewal ceremony on Monday on one side and Ange and the baby looking for somewhere else to live as they are moving out.

My review of the Friday episodes will be along at some point.

Writers: Simon Crowther (Monday), Ella Greenhill & Sam Holdsworth (Wednesday), Martin Ellen & Cameron McAllister (Friday)
Directors: Duncan Foster (Monday & Wednesday), Gill Wilkinson (Friday)


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Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain the "Milk Tray Man" I have never heard that.

fairycake said...

From 1968 to 2003, the chocolate was advertised by the 'Milk Tray Man' a tough James Bond–style figure who undertakes daunting 'raids' to surreptitiously deliver a box of Milk Tray chocolates to a lady. The original tagline was 'And all because the lady loves Milk Tray' X

coconno196 said...

I'm not surprised this reference was lost on younger viewers ­čśë, but it was a great comment.


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