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Monday 20 August 2018

Coronation Street’s Great at Recycling (Stories)

In 2015 Coronation Street was recognized as tv’s greenest show at a fancy awards ceremony, acknowledging efforts to consider and reduce the environmental impact of filming the nation’s favourite soap. But it’s not just the show’s carbon footprint where Corrie considers its resources. Writers also have a reputation for recycling stories.

Digital Spy recently listed seven storylines that Corrie can’t help repeating, which include Lewis Archer’s cunning cons and the knicker factory being in financial trouble. And they make a good point with this list. Can’t Corrie come up with any new ideas?


Don’t put Sal in a Cell
One major story unfolding at the moment is Sally’s arrest for fraud, something we all know she is innocent of. To make matters worse, Tim appears to have been taken in by Duncan’s lies and suspects Sally may have been having some kind of fling with the villain.

We’ve been here before. Not so long ago Anna was wrongly accused of chucking Seb off a ladder, and accuser Phelan also made untrue accusations regarding their sexual encounter. Anna’s nearest and dearest were taken in, and Anna ending up in prison sparking a public campaign to get her out, and a rather naff campaign by Corrie’s Daniel to the same end.

Back in 1998 Corrie embarked on one of its most iconic and popular storylines when Deirdre was imprisoned after being set up by con man Jon Linsday. The story gripped the nation and was even discussed at Prime Minister’s Questions in parliament, and national campaign “Free the Weatherfield One” is still talked about to this day.


So if Sally is about to tread the same path as Deirdre and Anna, why should we keep watching? We’ve seen it all before, right? I’m of the opinion that as long as it’s written well it shouldn’t matter. At the moment any scene that Sally is in is tv gold. Actress Sally Dynevor is lucky in that writers give her both heart-rending and hilarious scenes and she carries out both brilliantly. Sally is one of Corrie’s iconic characters and viewers have a great deal of affection for her, particularly so in recent years as her chemistry with Tim has made their scenes together a real treat. I remember posting a Tweet of disapproval when she and Tim first kissed, as in my opinion those lips were only intended for Kevin (and Tim’s for me). I couldn’t have been more wrong. 


Time Travel
Many other storylines and events have been repeated over the years. To celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary in 2010, an explosion at the Joinery Bar led to a tram leaping off the viaduct onto Molly Dobbs’s head. The same thing happened back in 1967, trapping Ena Sharples under the rubble. A moment’s peace for the Street perhaps. A tram could come off the viaduct once a month for me, help get rid of some of those characters who are doing nothing more than treading water on the Street.

Carla and Peter had a snog in one of last week’s episodes. That’s novel. They do actually look good together, but surely it will all end in tears again?

And once again it’s the return of the Mac. Jim McDonald is about to burst back onto the cobbles. I can picture Liz McDonald now. One minute a look of stress and exhaustion plastered across her face as her ex-husband brings chaos to her life once more.  Quickly replaced with a look of complete surrender as her carnal urges toward her ex-husband take over as they always do. She can’t resist Jim and this time will be no different I’m sure.

Simon Barlow looks set to bring more trouble to the cobbles as he continues down a destructive path egged on by older boys in the neighbourhood. The words “thick” and “ear” come to mind. I sound like my mother.

Nick Tilsley’s on his way back. That character has made so many dramatic departures I doubt anyone will notice when he returns for the four hundredth time. I think he just does it for attention.

And Steve McDonald is set to remarry Tracy Barlow. The idiot.

Coronation Street is going through a really good period for me at the moment. I’m enjoying each episode and there’s loads of comedy which makes me a happy fan. Whether that has anything to do with the change of producer who knows, but whatever storylines we are to expect over the coming weeks and months, let’s give writers the benefit of the doubt when it comes to repetitive or unbelievable plots – watch first then criticize. And in some cases, suspend your disbelief and just go with it. 

Oh and I claim the hashatag #DontPutSalInACell 


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Anonymous said...

In that list along with Diedre and Anna are Fizz and Gail. Perhaps David also. Also recycled is the love triangle made famous with Ken, Diedre and Mike Baldwin. Peter/Carla/Leanne/Nick is part of the retelling.

Where's Emily?? said...

This has been my favourite commentary so far! I'm not sure I want to watch Corrie anymore, and not only because of the recycling of stories, the letting storylines hang in the air indefinitely. Coronation Street has been trying to stay at the top of the ratings, have gone to three hours a week.
I understand trying to appeal to a younger, hipper audience..but the show at times insults my intelligence.
Gone are the days of regular people on a regular street..I Knew people like the Ogdens, Duckworths, and Macdonalds, the characters looked like regular people...Now everyone is dressed to the nines, have an endless stream of cash to splurge at the never see the kids on the streets, how Dev keeps his corner shop open s beyond me (Alf must be rolling over in his grave)
...and the new *Upmarket* Rovers Return...don't get me started.

So ..thanks Corrie for the laughs over the past forty odd years, it's been nice.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, you are not alone. For years two of my sisters, and my best friend (who was born in the U.K.) watched the show religiously as I did. Now, one of my sisters and my best friend have stopped watching completely. I'll continue to hang on but I don't look forward to the show as much as I used to. One of my other sisters who isn't a viewer when she listens to me complain about certain characters behaving badly or far fetched storylines asked me why do I keep watching? Good question.


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