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Friday 24 August 2018

Coronation Street episode review, Wednesday 22 August, 8.30pm

The Sean homeless drama has hit the headlines, as it does prove how easy it is to fall on hard times, and how quickly it can happen. Thankfully though for Sean, he comes clean and tells Billy the truth and explains why he could not ask for help. Everyone around him seemed busy and tied up with other things, so the poor guy just faded into the background. Antony Cotton is acting up a storm at the moment, and proving he is as good at the quiet moments, as he is when Sean is ‘entertaining’ a crowd or being self-deprecating.

He conveys anger when Eileen visits the hospital, as he feels his pride has been hurt, as he has tried to keep his situation quiet for, so long. Billy has told Eileen, as he feels bad that they seem to have neglected their friend in need. There is a lovely moment when the door goes, and it’s Sean. He asks them both for help, and it is beautifully done, as Sean’s lip wobbles, and the two of them are there for their pal. Delighted, Billy offers Sean his sofa.

Meanwhile Gail is really worried about Audrey and this cruise. Nothing rings true and she thinks that her mum may be losing her marbles. Nothing really prepares her for what she sees, when she turns up to Audrey’s looking for clues to her whereabouts. Peering through the window, she sees Aud and Lewis, all cosy sharing a meal. She loses it and Audrey defends the charmer, again. But with Claudia seemingly involved too, Audrey is set for more heartbreak, surely.

Old school friends, Sally, Paula and Gina have a drink and a giggle at the Bistro, and they reminisce and gobby Gina tells Paula that Sally used idolise her at school. This leads Paula to reveal that her daughter is gay and that she has just split up with her partner. Seizing an opportunity for our Soph, Sally suggests they could do some match making. Don’t want to give away any spoilers here, but even if you haven’t read the details, you might have already guessed where this one is headed.

The Rovers is being refurbished and set for a grand opening and Jenny and Johnny have got Robert and Michelle worried. They fear the pub is headed for halloumi, instead of hot pot, and giving them a run for the money and some competition. They try to have a sneak preview underneath the tarpaulin, and Jenny says they will have to wait and see. Do you think they are being played, or could the Rovers become The Roverz, complete with Kale crisps and deconstructed rhubarb and custard? We’ll find out soon. Gemma and Henry are both invited to the grand opening and are both thrilled. But, trouble looms as they are both being watched by some fellas up to no god, as they celebrate this invite.

Imran is worried his mum wants him to accompany her on the Cruise she booked with his dad, Hassan.  She cannot get her money back and would rather go, than lose the cash. If I were her, I would be trying to accept my daughter, now that her family has shrunk, and ditch the cruise, as opposed to leaving her daughter at sea.

A decent little episode and really involving, in respect of the Sean storyline, I am relieved that his secret is out, are you?

See ya next week. Glenn

By Glenn Meads
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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm liking Sean at the moment. He's good at quiet torment and, although his OTT personality is the believable other side of the coin, I find it over-whelming. The actor/character needs to be reined in at times, just like Becky and others, so it's nothing personal about this particular actor. Corrie's message with so many storylines recently has been 'it can happen to anybody' and this is sadly true about homelessness. I do think this should be a wake-up call for Sean (by which, obviously, I mean the character's writers); he should try to get firmly established in a well-paid job and find his own accommodation. That could be another storyline: jobless 40 something goes on a government-funded course to retrain and finds their true calling.

Rapunzel said...

I don’t know how Sean can have the sofa though. When a Shona moved in to help out with rent, Billy gave her his room and took the sofa. Presumably there is a similar arrangement with Emma. So no spare sofa.

abbyk said...

Although it wasn't a wholly accurate depiction of homelessness, Sean’s story certainly was food for thought. How close are any of us from disaster and how would we cope? (And it is no more light on the accuracy than any recent Corrie court case or police investigation or business transfer or ...) Not sure why Sean couldnt get his factory job back but I love Humpty’s retraining idea; if for nothing else, it’s something we haven’t seen in the past twenty years.

Anonymous said...


So impressed with Cotton's acting...Sean has been a flouncing, flamboyant caricature for so that it was easy to forget that the actor can actually act!

And the Carol character has been so well-written and acted as well. Some of her scenes have been really moving--like when she challenges Sean for thinking less of her or for trying to scare away her client. Often the down and out characters on Corrie have seemed pretty fake, like a well-groomed actor playing the part, and they have cleaned up and straightened out very quickly. Eg. Abi, Shona, Kylie. But Carol seems genuine and quietly despairing in a way they never managed.

This story sometimes looked a bit stagey--eg. at the homeless encampment--and moved a bit quickly but it has been so well done! Much prefer this sort of drama to the Phelan fiasco. :) :)

Rapunzel said...

Mystery was solved in Friday’s episodes ­čĹŹ


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