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Sunday 26 August 2018

Corrie Comicals week ending 24 August 2018

Now you all thought the humour in this scene was Harry Styles lookalikey Seb talking about long pointy things and being given a pencil by Emma when he wanted a screwdriver to do some poking whilst an annoyed girl friend Faye (who is back with us permanently) scowled in the back ground.  Far more amusing to this seasoned watcher was the way Audrey poked and prodded at Geoff's limited amount of hair without actually cutting it with scissors at all.  That takes acting.  Take a bow Sue Nicholls!

Jenny and Johnny gave us some classic moments as she got her way over a refurbishment by Friday plus a grand re-opening programme - but they stole most of last week's blog so I can hardly give them centre stage again.  But Jenny can twist men around her little finger - beautifully done.

Throughout the episode Leanne was enjoying a wonderful post-coital glow having had a great night with Imran.  And even when his soon to be ex-wife Sabeen turns up from nowhere (having been extensively name checked recently) Leanne goes into full assertive Battersby mode (yay at last) and tells the money seeking missile of a nearly ex-wife that next time she wants to speak to Imran then Sabeen will have to go through Leanne as she is his new PA and she will need to make an appointment (and not today as he has clients).  Then Imran actually offers Leanne the job as PA (and no doubt much else!).  Oh well not as attractive as Rosie but the dynamic with Leanne and Angie could be interesting.  Corrie is so entertaining at the moment.

As I have said before moving Johnny and Jenny into the (currently closed Rovers) is proving a rich seam to mine as they visit the Bistro and deliberately wind up Robert and Michelle with their plans to turn the Rovers into a modern gastro-pub - it is like a wine bar with food they add, hot pots are off the menu, instead it will be halloumi kebabs, whitebait, beetroot burgers and truffle lasagne.  They are of course repeating the current Viaduct Bistro menu.  Then Jenny asks Michelle how she makes her home made lemonade!  I don't believe it myself.

If you are holidaying on a scrapped cruise liner (no phone calls anyway) your daughter is bound to come and peer through the window as you dance with the con man who took you both to the cleaners.  No wonder you and Lewis both look a little taken aback.  If you are going to create a cover story at least make it sound plausible - if Gail can pick holes in it you have failed!

Ahead of the grand re-opening Steve is ladelling out compliments to Jenny (and you have to admit she rocks a hard hat much better than Pat Phelan any day) distracting her as Tim seeks a sneaky preview of the inside (prevented by Johnny coming the other way).  And if it is so dangerous to need a hard hat how can Seb carry on wearing his stupid man bun and not wear a hard hat?  Answers on a postcard to the ITV production team please.

Carla, our very own high powered factory owner, has time to be a part-time chef at Roy's Rolls - no doubt Peter is actually running Underworld.  And let it be known that some people like crispy bacon!  I am convinced that the director was stuck for a chef and threw a pinny at Carla and told her to get on with it.  Tim O'Mara is braver man than I would be.

Writers: Owen Lloyd-Fox & Mark Wadlow (Monday), David Isaac & Johnathan Harvey (Wednesday), Ellen Taylor & Owen Lloyd-Fox (Friday)
Directors: Suri Krishnamma (Monday), Tim O'Mara (Wednesday & Friday)


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coconno196 said...

How old is Faye now? She was adopted by Anna, so surely she can't just decide to move to Weatherfield without Social Services being involved?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I found Anna's departure with Faye very rushed. I'm guessing it was a contrivance to allow Ellie Leach to temporarily leave to do her summer exams. I don't know if she's still at school or college but she's only 17 and she would have resumed filming in June when exams are finishing.


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