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Tuesday 28 August 2018

Paddy Wallace interview: Jude saves Roy's life - to win Angie back

What reaction does Jude expect from Angie at the vow renewal?
Jude lives in the moment so even though at first when Mary proposes the idea he isn’t keen, he then convinces himself that this could work. He fully expects Angie to come in, see him in a suit, see everyone there and that it will reignite her old feelings. 

What’s going through his mind when he realises his plan has backfired?
As soon as he sees Angie, it’s tough. They go in to the Speed Daal kitchen to have a chat and it’s not good. He is desperate after that, he can see it has gone badly and he doesn’t know what to do. 

What would it mean for Jude to win Angie back?
Everything, that’s what he is all about. His whole reason for being is Angie, George and that family unit so everything he does is all about winning her back.

Is he remorseful of the lies he has told?
Because Jude lives from moment to moment he is remorseful but he moves so quickly on that he just wants to make things right. He doesn’t think of consequences when he makes decisions. 

Tell us what happens when Roy mistakes Jude for saving his life.
Roy gets stung by a bee and collapses on to Jude. Jude doesn’t know what to do and it’s lucky that Ali comes and brings an EpiPen. By the time Roy comes around Ali has gone off to find another EpiPen so Roy thinks it’s Jude that has saved his life and in typical Jude fashion he doesn’t disagree with Roy. He doesn’t necessarily tell a lie in that moment, he just doesn’t tell the truth and Jude is very quick to realises that this could work for him. 

Is Jude quite manipulative in that way?
There’s definite manipulation with Jude, yeah. It’s not always sinister but he certainly would use a situation to his advantage especially if he thinks that Angie will see him in a good light. His end goal is Angie and George.

What lengths would Jude go to try and get Angie back?
Jude looks fairly normal but he is a normal human being. His problem is his upbringing has been difficult and he’s not fully formed. He deserves a chance but the mistakes he makes, he also deserves what he gets. If a situation arises and he is put under pressure, who knows how he might react!

Where does the idea that he wants to be a paramedic come from?
He does believe that he can do that and he sees that as a new career because he has no career. He is viewing this as a positive that he can take which could potentially be a good thing for him and his family. 

It’s ironic that he wants Angie back but he is still doing the exact thing that drove her away - lying.
He doesn’t see the light. Because he is living in the moment, he doesn’t see it as this huge lie or the consequences. He thinks people will see him in a good light so he is very child-like in the way that he operates. 

Is he worried that Ali is going to blow his lie?
Yes, he is aware of that and it’s all about managing that. He is confident that he can manipulate the situation but he is wary of Ali. 

Should Ali be worried?
With Jude, you just don’t know what he could do. If he is backed in to the corner and he feels that Ali is in the way, then he might have to push out. 

What was it like working with James Burrows and David Neilson?
David is an amazing actor; he’s very talented and witty and very nice to work with. James is a very good actor as well and the scenes between Jude and Ali get very tense.

What advice would you give Jude? Could you be his friend?
It’s a difficult one because I don’t think he is a completely terrible man; he just has major, major flaws. If I was his friend, I try and be his friend to make him a  better person and I would tell him to book his ideas up! 

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1 comment:

Laura said...

Jude's no Phelan, but he's not a good guy either. He told a huge lie to Angie, then kept lying, over and over and over again throughout their relationship until he got caught. He betrayed Angie's trust horribly, and this whole situation with Roy illustrates that he hasn't learned anything or changed. Angie's well rid of him.


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