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Tuesday 21 August 2018

Chris Gascoyne interview: Carla, Simon and a sinister twist

How has Peter been feeling since he sold the Rovers and split with Toyah?

He has been a bit lost really, he doesn’t have a purpose and he has always had business interests which is how he found himself investing the factory.

Why is Peter so drawn to Carla?

Hee did love Toyah and he was absolutely devastated by the betrayal, and the first person he turned to was Carla. He and Carla went through a lot, they are both flawed individuals and they will always have that connection, whether they should be together as a couple is another matter, probably not!

Why did he invest in the factory it is merely to get close to Carla?

It isn't his sole intention, he needs a business interest and she needs financial help, so he has convinced himself he is doing it for the right reasons but it soon becomes clear that for him at least working together purely as business partners is not going to be easy.

Carla is clearly still wary of him, and sets a test for him this week. What is it?

Although Carla has made it clear that she is purely in business with Peter, and nothing else, other people are very doubtful of the whole situation. Carla is keen to see if Peter is still easily swayed.

She is interviewing for a new machinist and is struck by how much like Tina one of the applicants is so she decides to let Peter interview her and see how he handles it, she is testing whether or not he has changed. He is a bit taken aback and doesn't know it is a test but will he pass the test? You will have to wait and see.

What lengths would Peter go to, to get Carla back?

Peter is older and wiser now and he knows that a lot of water has passed under the bridge, he is maybe not as impulsive and for now he is going to throw all his energies into the factory and proving that he can help run the business successfully and the see what follows, if anything. But with Nick about to arrive back on the scene anything could happen.

Peter has also been coping with the situation with Simon which takes a sinister turn this week. What happens?

This has been hanging over them for months and he knows Simon is not safe with Tyler out for revenge. Things turn really nasty this week when Peter gets caught in the crossfire, literally. Tyler’s mates have a gun and they fire out of a car window, Peter is hit in the chest and Carla is hysterical.

Does it feel as though she has given away her true feelings for Peter?

Michelle certainly reads that into it, but whether Carla admits it is another matter.

Do you think they will end up together?

Who knows, Carla will certainly try to keep him at arm's length so they will be skirting around each other for some time to come I think.

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Anonymous said...

No thanks! Just about any story Corrie does involving teen gangs, teen drug use, teen knife violence, teen bullying or anything topical where teens are concerned just comes off as contrived and cringe worthy. It just doesn't play to the Corrie writer's strengths.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how both Alison King and Chris Gascoyne don’t think Carla and Peter shouldn’t get back together


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