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Tuesday 28 August 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 27th August

You can't be sentimental about compensation, says Henry, sounding all the world like a posho Cilla Battersby-Brown. He is in pursuit of money from Johnny and Jenny from the block; unfortunately they haven't got around to getting public liability insurance what with all the fake refurbishment they were busy with. Henry goes to see Adam and finds out he could win a portion of what he "owes" to Cressida's family for the cancelled wedding. I'm sure they'd be snubbing him at the croquet club rather than limply threatening him in back-alleysre and presuming Henry went to Manchester's version of Eton, why doesn't he just squeeze the old boy network?

Our Reet is onto him though, cutting through his pretence of the lost gift, and then Gemma herself sees him lifting the sofa with his "broken" hand.  Anyway, Gemini secretly tells J&J what went down and they tell Henry that they have reported him to the po-po for fraud and he drops the case. He tells Gemma that it was his decision and she bawls him out, telling him to leave. He does and is fooled by Chesney into getting into the fey thugs' car and they drive off with him. So I guess that's the end of Henry - and we never even got to see Hugo again!

Audrey leaves gigolo-conman-jailbird-cut-price-Milk-Tray-man Lewis for a day for an adjacent storyline as she finds out that Rita is Maria's sugar-mummy. She takes offence and it's handbags at lunchtime for the two old bids. "In eighty years' time, that'll be us," says Emma to Maria.

Leanne starts her first day at Barlow and Habeeb and flirts with one of her bosses. Handsome Imran has other things on his mind, namely getting out of going on a six week (where are they going, Iceland to Tasmania?) cruise with the homophobic haridan (his mum). He persuades Princess Kate to get Rana to go in his place, but it's Alya who convinces Rana to go, saying she'd give anything to spend time with her mother.

It's also Peter's first day at the factory. He wants to sit in on a meeting and "look pretty" (those days were over in 2006, Petey-boy), to Carla's chagrin. I'm trying to imagine what Peter could bring to the business - organising the office World Cup sweepstake perhaps? Later on, Simon returns from, erm, somewhere and receives a threatening text message. So I guess the Bad Lads storyline is coming back.

And finally, Cathy wants Brian to give up his childminding 'job' and return to Bessie Street primary.

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Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken wasn't Brian "Head Master" at the school. What he has he done for a living since? Isn't he a bit over-qualified to be a childminder?
Why are all the parents on Corrie always looking for free childcare? Do they not have licensed daycare centers in the U.K.?

Anonymous said...

Yes, but they cost they would rather spend in the Rovers/Bistro/Roy's Rolls.

Laura said...

He's filling the role once played by Emily - she used to be everyone's free babysitter.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Peter looks like someone from "on the buses"


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