Friday, 10 August 2018

Corrie Comicals week ending 10 August 2018

Hi everyone, I did not intend to be away for two weeks - illness has caused a delay but should be back in tip top order soon.  12 episodes to watch is a tough order. 

First up this week are new besties Tracey and Abi who have been raving with a most put out Beth who has a black eye courtesy of a glitter cannon (whatever one of them might be!).

Steve (who seems to rarely work these days) is leaning on the counter at Preston's Petals where he is being teased about his stag do and not being much fun these days as Mary observes that there is something of the sad clown about him and stroking his face with a flower.  (I have to say that Mary and the way she has been using the flower props in the last couple of weeks has been highly entertaining).

Abi has lost her second son as they are playing hide and seek.  At 14 min 15 seconds she rushes upstairs to check the numerous bedrooms which are capable of housing Eileen, Pat Phelan, Sean, Todd, Jason, lovers and partners and so on plus Shona.  Then comes rushing downstairs at 14 minutes 19 seconds.  I am starting to doubt that those stairs actually go anywhere!

And if Eileen only popped back for a quick visit and then decided to stay how come all of her knick knacks and photos have reappeared so quickly?  Nice to see them back though.

Now this look of total disbelief on Eileen's face has been triggered by the statement of another local resident as to how they are all on big family round here all looking after each other's interest, topped by the person making that statement being Tracey (whom let us recall Eileen is trying to stop Steve marrying because she is such a disaster).  Tracey of course was double dipping - firstly she was rescuing new bestie Abi from the clutches of the Social and she was subtly undermining Eileen's game in wanting the wedding off.  And perhaps, just perhaps, in the current Corrie world Tracey is a reformed character - although I don't see it lasting - but there are no ongoing feuds at the moment!

Sally provides an excellent example of how to wind up Tracey - tell her Tim is spending money freely since StreetCars paid a little bonus recently.  And of course Steve has not had a bonus as far as Tracey knows!  Pot nicely stirred.

Which later segues into Tracey making it clear to Abi and Steve that the new super size rock should be on her finger before close of play tonight.  Abi cannot believe that Steve is scared both of getting the wrong ring and doing it by himself (having been told to take Abi shopping).  Hence she calls him useless.  As various people have remarked this evening Abi is morphing into Becky every time she talks to Steve ... which may not be a good thing.

There was a lot of important drama tonight as well and my review of Friday night will follow later in the weekend.

Writers: Damon Alexis-Rochefort (Monday both); Susan Oudot & Ian Kershaw (Wednesday); Debbie Oates & Martin Allen (Friday)
Directors:  Ian Bevitt (Monday); Alan Wareing (Wednesday & Friday)


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njblas said...

Yes, I too noticed how quickly Abi came back downstairs. It was ridiculous, she wouldn't have had time to check even one upstairs room properly!

Louby said...

Don't forget Kirk - when asked how come he looked so fresh after the rave he said he had eaten a brownie and been asleep all night!

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