Monday, 11 September 2017

Coronation Street writer profile: Cameron McAllister

Cameron McAllister made his debut tonight, Monday 11th September as a Coronation Street scriptwriter.

Cameron is a TV scriptwriter, and has worked on shows such as Robinson Crusoe, Spooks Code 9, Primeval and Emmerdale.   Before he became a writer he was a drama producer. He Executive Produced ITV's Primeval as well as producing ITV's thriller Forgotten, heist drama Daylight Robbery, period detective series Jericho, and Sky 1's football soap Dream Team.

He has also written children's books and you can find out more here.

He grew up near the beaches of Cornwall, and now lives in Brighton with his wife, four sons and Floss the dog.

Visit his website.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm not holding Mr McAllister responsible for tonight's episodes. I haven't checked whether he wrote the 8.30 episode but, even if he did, he was probably following instructions. Now, look here, writers. Is Andy suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome or is he trying to escape? I thought that, latterly anyway, Andy was supposed to feel some affection for his captor. Why then didn't he call the ambulance before he ran off in the woods, or even wait patiently for them to arrive? If he's just trying to escape, why didn't he call the police? I suppose viewers will have to fill in the plot holes and assume Andy was still unconscious in the boot after Phelan hit him, otherwise he should have been screaming for help. And who tells or allows Eileen/Sue Cleaver to poke her tongue out at people? It really isn't funny and makes the character deeply unsympathetic.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Yes, he did ring for an ambulance but he didn't finish the call.

Anonymous said...

It's a small thing but I thought the same when Eileen poked her tongue out, it's one of my most hated bugbears! Surely they don't put disgusting things like that in the script???

Cobblestone said...

Andy couldn't finish the call for an ambulance since he had absolutely no clue where he was. Surely Phelan realised that. The whole adventure is looking like a sick game of cat and mouse that Phelan is getting off on. I personally thought he's never seemed as genuinely scary as he did in these episodes, as we are clearly dealing with a deranged sadist.

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