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Corrie weekly update - brown sauce, tea bags and a fighting Vicar

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Now then, I’ve never had much time for Eileen Grimshaw and she’s plummeted even further in my estimation this week after she asks Phelan to move in. Eileen ignores Todd’s pleas not to rush into things with Phelan but Eileen, as always, ignores the voice of reason.  Phelan’s been centre stage of the cobbles this week. First, he breaks into Jamila House and smashes the place up, so that he can go in there to fix it up again. He’s hailed as a hero, but Todd’s on his case, he knows there’s summat fishy about Phelan after he sees him hanging around outside the community centre just minutes before the break in. 

Then, when news reaches the Grimshaws that Tony has died, Phelan’s the one who’s leading the family in their grief. He especially comforts Jason, which is rather creepy although endears him to Eileen even more.  Todd, Jason and Phelan go to Tony’s flat to clear his belongings and pick out a suit to bury him in. When they enter the flat, it’s in disarray, as if Tony has just stepped outside and left things as they were. Jason picks up a bottle from the kitchen worktop. “He loved his brown sauce,” he muses, tears in his eyes. This was a wonderful bit of comedy in another wise nasty, dark scene as Todd tries to stop Phelan getting his claws into his brother as he wallows in grief. 

Later in the Rovers, Eva’s comforting Jason over the death of his dad but Jason loses his temper with her.  Aidan storms in to find out what’s going on and the two lads end up fighting at the bar. In storms Phelan to lift Aidan off Jason, and then Johnny Connor storms in (there was a lot of storming), punching Phelan’s lights out. (We cheered at this point). And then, oh then, Billy the vicar wades into the fight and splits Phelan and Johnny from killing each other. “You!” he yells at Phelan. “Get over there! And You! He yells at Johnny, “Get over there!”.  Billy’s got his dander up and there’s testosterone flying all over the bar.  It was all rather good stuff.

The reason Billy’s in such a bad mood is because he’s pestered this week with text messages from someone he doesn’t want to be pestered by. The pesterer then turns up in the shadows on the street demanding money from Billy, which he hands over in secret.  The same lad turns up again and Billy refuses him money this time. Who is the mystery stranger and why is Billy enraged?

At Roy’s Rolls, Alex tells Cathy that his mum is moving to Scotland with her new fella and he doesn’t want to go with them. Cathy wonders if Alex can stay with her and Roy – when he returns – in the flat about the caff.

Audrey agrees to go to the Rovers with Ken for a quiet drink. It’s a drink that Ken’s been trying for weeks to have with Audrey, but alas it’s not to be as Ken would quite like.  Freddie turns up in the salon and asks Kylie if she’ll accompany him to the Rovers for a quick drink, so the salon staff all troop in there together.  When Ken turns up looking for Audrey (“It’s not a date!) on their date, he finds her being friendly with Freddie. I like Freddie. I like Audrey. I hope I see a story forming.

Elsewhere this week, a vapid character in a nurse’s uniform sucked the life out of the screen every time she appeared.   

Finally this week, there was a lovely scene between Carla and Nick, and that’s not something I think I’ve ever said in a weekly update before.  Nick continues to have trouble as the symptoms of his brain injury return. He goes to the doc who says he needs to speak to a consultant. He confides in David that he can’t tell Carla because it wouldn’t be fair on her.  Threatening to call off the wedding he says “If I can’t be proper husband, I can’t marry her at all.” Oh dear.  This was just after he’d met Carla in the Bistro and she noticed he wasn’t drinking. She joked with him about this and they talked about their wedding. “Till death us do part,” he says to him to which he replies, “In sickness and in health.”  “Yeah, but we’re both as fit as fiddles aren’t we?” she smiles. Oh, if only she knew.  Later, in Carla’s flat Nick goes out running for the second time in the same day, as a way to vent his frustrations.  “Run like the wind,” Carla tells him. “Run to the top of a mountain and pull me down a star.”  “I was thinking of five times around the Red Rec.” Nick replies. And it’s wonderful dialogue like this that proves exactly why I love Coronation Street.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely hated Friday's episodes, the worst I can remember.
Until Phelan goes I am going to switch off.

Ryan Oxley said...

Another great double from the street. I love how they are starting to 'flesh out' our Billy (the vicar). A fine actor and a character to watch... is a sin or is he hiding something from the congregation street?...

Corrie has become rather darker of late, Phelan is a scene stealer, added a touch of the macabre to Tonys sudden demise.
Some light entertainment provided by the much needed return of Simon Gregson.

I like the show a lot more recently. The vapid nurse needs no explanation, perfectly agree.

Another great review on the blog!!.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is, why did Aidan get Johnny to apologise to the odios Phelan? When Johnny walked in, he saw that the "the balding scouser" had this son by the throat, and wouldn't let go. He had every right to intervene to protect his son. Is this start of Johnny also suspecting Phelan is not all he seems to be. I really hope so. Loved Billy's intervention btw

Humpty Dumpty said...

Something not quite right about the way Phelan is portrayed. He needs to quickly develop some charm to make it believable that he could fool most people. Atm, I'm afraid, he comes over as gross with no redeeming qualities at all - and it's not because I know what he's really like! If the writers don't want to go that route, at least let Rita/Norris/Ken feel uncomfortable around him.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

I kind of wish they'd kept Tony alive a bit longer and got him to come back to deal with Phelan.

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